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Cybers Martha Tek

A Martha is a large fruiting chamber that maintains it's own humidity and air exchange, no fanning, no misting, just load it up add water and wait.

This setup was originaly done by Magash. As there was no TEK on it I decided to write one.

A Martha is a large fruiting chamber that maintains it's own humidity and air exchange, no fanning, no misting, just load it up add water and wait .

It was named for the Martha Stewart portable closet from K-Mart. This is what the first ones were made from.

Things you will need.

1 portable closet (Must be made of plastic)
1 COOL MIST humidifier
1 length of 3/4" ID hose (Hardware store)
1 90deg hose to pipe thread fitting (Hardware store)

1 hose to 3/4" pipe thread fitting straight through (Hardware store)
Other fittings to attach the hose to the humidifier (Hardware store)
Duct Tape
Some extra plastic.
(The following is for the shelves. You can use anything you want)
4 pieces of chain
20 S-Hooks
4 36"x17" pieces of metal shelving

We start with the closet.

I picked mine up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 30$ This model does not have a bottom, but we can fix that.

Next we get a humidifier. I picked this one up at the local thrift store for 3$
I prefer the ones with the little round nozzle on them. It makes it essayer to fit the PVC fittings to them.

I have my tools and fittings.

and my hose

Put the fittings into the hose and get it ready.

Now that the hose is ready, we move our attention to the largest fitting, I took the nozzle to the hardware store and put together a fitting that would go from the nozzle size to the threaded hose fitting. You will note that the nozzle is not a striate cut on the bottom. This allows it to catch the mist and direct it out the hole. We need to duplicate this on our replacement fitting.

To duplicate this I used an 80 grit sanding disk in my table saw. If you do not have a table saw you can use a saw, drimmel tool, or anything else. ( You could even get sandpaper and sand it by hand.

In the end you what it to be as close to the 45deg angle as you can get it.

We now put the piece into the hole in the humidifier and use a galvanized nut to hold it in place.

The closet I bought does not have a bottom so I will need to make one. You can use any plastic you can find. I have used plastic drop cloths, tarps, etc. This time I had some leftover black/white plastic from a grow room build so I used it. Just use some duct tape to hold it in place and seal it up.
Most of them have a "Breathable Bottom" on them. This means that the bottom is made of a fabrick. It works better if you can get one like that.

Now in the upper middle of the closet you want to put a couple of layers of duct tape (To re-enforce the plastic) and cut a hole big enough to put the hose fitting through.

You can then move your Martha into place.

We then use the S-Hooks to hold the chains in the corners of the unit. This will be the points that the shelves connect to it.

Then use the S-hooks to make hanging points for the shelves and attach the shelves to the chains. I start at the bottom and work my way up.

You may have noticed a set of hooks in the wall with straps on them, in the background of the pictures. I use these to hold the unit in place. I tend to load some weight into my and it leans if I do not have it secured to the wall.

Now we load the unit up, hook up the humidifier, and turn it on.
Before long the humidity is up.

Some designs call for more than one humidifier on timers. I have found that mine can maintain it's humidity with just one cool mist on 24/7. you should get between 87 nd 90?humidity which is perfect for fruiting.

This unit, fully loaded, can produce 2lbs of dry mushroom every 35 to 40 days. This is enough for you and 75 of your closest friends to trip every weekend for a month!

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