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Playing with stars

I made a picture to go with this :)


There is so much to tell about the night I saw this! I can never find the words to describe my experiences, so I tried to make a picture instead.

After a long night of adventuring with my friends, I remember feeling quite small in my big big bed, when I fell into deep thought.  I was meditating on my life, past and future, when the ceiling suddenly opened up to the night sky.  A little dazed, I put one hand on my forehead, the other out in front of me like in this picture, and tried to focus my thoughts.

Symbols and writing seemed to be throbbing out of my skin, like a bright light was shining through.  I began moving the stars around the sky, just playing with them at first.  I realized that i was looking at my life..metaphorically..and I traced a vertical line down the center of the sky, and rearranged all the stars once again, placing my sadness on one side, my joy on the other. I felt my arms wrap around the universe I had created, protecting it from harm.

Then I closed my eyes, and it felt like I could see the neurons of my brain firing.  I was seeing the trademark psychedelic kaleidescope.  Colors.. everywhere, swirling in symmetrical motion.  It was beautiful :)

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