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1st shroom trip.

I had the memory of a goldfish

A few of my friends and I had been wanting to try shrooms for a while.  We were calling everywhere we ould imagine and no body had any.  After about 2 weeks of REALLY looking, we finally found someone who had them.  It was actually someone i met over a video game lol.

So we got an 8th each and took them in the woods near my friends house.  Everything was fine at first, and it was like a really good weed high.  Finally i looked at a patch of moss on the ground and it looked like it was pulsing up and down.  Then we looked at an area on the ground that was just dirt, no grass, and we could see EVERY bug around.  It was like our vision became 10x better.  It was pretty cool.  We were all sitting in a little circle talking and all of the sudden my friend turns to the side and pukes.  It was no regular puke though.  It was green and looked like spider webs! lol  We all just sat around and stared at it for a while.

I felt pretty good and felt like laying down.  For some reason i picked in a bush lol.  My friends walked over to see where i was, and when they got to me it seemed like they were huge.  I felt like i was actually standing, not laying, but they were just 100x bigger than me.  It was pretty awesome. 

We decided to walk around our town for a while, which may have not been the best idea lol.  We walked to a little convinient store, and saw one of our friends, Dale. One of our friends with us id not do any of his shrooms yet and went inside of the store.  I started freaking out, but it was actually kinda fun.  I was running around the store trying to hide.  It felt like i was on a mission lol.  I saw a car driving down the street run over a squriel, but the tires didnt hit it.  THe car went right over.  I thought that squriel was AMAZING, so i started to follow him around for a while.  My friend came over to me and his face started turning pink and green.  His upper cheks were pink, and around his mouth was greenish.  It was pretty cool, but that was the only color difference I saw.

We started walking to a dog park down the street, and thats when my memory completely died.  I forgot EVERYTHING and the second one of my friends reminded me, it was gone again.  I was like a goldfish.  I forgot I have a mom, i forgot what video games were, i even forgot that people have emotions.  I was happy because i remembered it was possible for me to be happy and everytime i remembered my mom for a second, i would just say "I love my mom" over and over again.

Then once we got the the dog park, things got really wierd.  I am not really sure how to explain it, but everytihng was made out of the same thing.  I felt like i could hold emotions and feel physical things.  For example, instead of feeling happy and seeing car, i could feel "car" and see happyness lol.  I dont remember much details about what was happening, i just remember thats how i was feeling.  Also i felt like the devil was inside of me.  I was talking in a really deep voice and felt like i couldnt get rid of it. 

Then it happened...my mom called.  I got SO scared and didnt answer of course.  I just wanted the trip to end.  I was sure i was going to get in trouble.  Really, I just didnt want to disappoint my mom.  I started to feel like the trip would never end.  It started to ware off, but i still could not remember some things and still felt pretty dumb.  I thought they gave me some kind of brain damage somehow.  It became terrible.  I made what my friends, and even i thought, was a terrible decision and called her.  She asked what i wanted for dinner and i said hot dogs.  Apparently i sounded fine because she did not notice at all.  That was the biggest relief i could possibly have.  Everything was better again.  I was the greatest feeling imaginable to have called her and have her not beable to tell lol.

Then i thought i was never going to do them again, but I am on saturday.  I will just make sure i take a little less, or dont take them all at once. :-)

lol i called one of my friends and left a message on his vice mail.. he out it on his comp and sent it to me.  here it is lol

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