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The Storm Bay Experience

Tripping on a boat off the Isle of Wight - 10/10 for a mild trip!

I set off on my own with nothing but a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), a bag of excellent dried shrooms and an awesome collection of music. It had been one of few perfect days here in the UK - no clouds, shining sun and little wind. It took about 30 minutes of get to western most tip of the Isle of Wight - marked by three ship wreck infested rocks - The Needles. I drove round The Needles to Storm Bay which has an enormous lime stone cliff towering over it. I dropped anchor and then tried to weigh my shrooms. My electric scales wouldn't set because of the motion of the boat so I had to guess as to how much i was about eat. I eat what turned out to be only 1 gram but was enough to put me into a state of utter tranquility - the perfect complement to the scenes that were about to unfold before me. The soundtrack was Pink Floyd's Pulse playing on my video iPod connected to some portable speakers. The music echoed around Storm Bay as the sunset dramatically beside the Needles. I watched the very last rays of sunlight disappear behind the horizon. The sky turned into a dreamscape like orange and red and the fishing boats returning home chugged slowly by in the distance, the seagulls following in their usual chaotic way. It was a scene of such picturesque beauty, it could have belonged to a painting by Turner. (A distant ship smoke on the horizon...anyone?) My mind, under the influence of the shrooms wandered from happy peaceful thought to happy peaceful thought, underscored by a feeling of utter joy and appreciation of life and our planet. I cried. Could things possibly get any more amazing? They did. As the light faded around me i adjusted myself to a vertical position, the motion of the boat gently rocking me. Slowly the stars came out and our world faded into the universe. The vastness and endlessness of space changed my thought patterns from earthly thoughts to that of space and time. I saw shooting stars and as the moon was obscured, the nights sky was even clearer and more spectacular. It was a spiritual experience of the highest order. 

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