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Margaritaville Fun!

Hello, I am almost 17, and live in Southern California where I currently attend High School (so if my grammer or spelling is off, blame it on that).

Hello, I am almost 17, and live in Southern California where I currently attend High School (so if my grammer or spelling is off, blame it on that). I have been experianceing drugs ever since the 7th grade. In these past 4 or 5 years I've done a lot of various drugs (not to brag), not as many as some people, but more than most people have done. Drugs listed: Marijuana, N.O.S., Shrooms, Speed, what I think was coke, and several precribtion drugs. And the most intense drug I have found....Mushrooms, no doubt about it. So, today I am going to tell you about one of my favorite Trips on Mushrooms, it was at a place called margaritaville.

After months of waiting, Our school finally got back to having mushrooms on the market. So, myslef and four of my other friends all got 8ths of shrooms, this would be my first time eating a full eigth of shrooms, all the other times I had just eaten a 1/2 8th or so. We got out shrooms on firday, and decided to eat them on saturday morning at Margaritaville. Now Margaritaville is our little beach getaway, it is located along the coast of a rocky beach and it has to be one of the greatest places of all time. We arive 10 a.m.

To describe Margaritaville, you have to walk down a crazy trail done a cliff to get to the bottom, and it is a fort built by someone long ago. It is hidden among the bushes and rocks before the rocky beach to the ocean, located just a little south of the center of the cove it lies in. During low tide the tidepools amerge and you can explore the wonders of the sea. The rocky cliffs are covered with caves and areas impossible to reach. When you walk all the way to the end of the cove and are at the piont, and finally are able to turn the corner, another cove comes to life, and this pattern continues for miles. It turly is a isolated place. At sunset the view can only be discribed as breath-taking. Now, on to the trip!

After a long hike down the cliff, we all unload our stuff, and begin the eating process. I ate my first cap, but the second I took that bit, it had to be the worst tasting shroom of my life, and now the eating process has always been a problem for me. After struggling down the last of my bag, and taking my last sip of Sunny Delight to get it down, i had a feel of relief, knowing it was about to get great. With nothing to do because it was high tide and the pools were deeep underwater, we began discussing past shroom trips to pass time. I told the story of my 1st trip which was almost a year ago from the trip i was going on today. 10:45, I began feeling uneasy and flys were bothering me, I felt as if I need to find comfort. I decided to hike up the trial, and stopped about halfway. I sat down and looked at the beautiful view, after a few minutes I felt better and trotted down the hill. There was 6 of us there, and dan, the only one of us not eating shrooms had a joint and was ready to smoke it. Cutter, my life long friend(expect for the fight we had in 4th grade), John, a shroom loving dude, Tiny, my dear friend and if it wasn't for him I probably would have started doing drugs at a lot older age ( but i still love him, haha), and ryan, a tripper himself experimenting with shrooms for only his second time. Those were my friends that were there on that day. Well back to the story...Dan was smoking and no one else wanted to cuz they didn't want it to affect their trips in any way. I on the other hand love weed, and couldn't help but taking a hit. As I inhaled, it seemed as if everything was coming to a stop and the world was standing still. I blew out the thick smoke and began spinning like I was in a drunken rage, I hit the ground and when I opened my eyes I was fully felling the shrooms. I shook off the weed and walked over to meet my friends who were now sitting on the large rocks in the ocean.

11:15, When I meet my friends out on the rocks I couldn't think a word to say, the words wouldn't form a sentence in my head, so I just gazed out at the world as I saw it. I noticed two fisherman far out by the oppisite piont, they looked so far away and out of this world, it was like I wasn't in the same place as they were. I even thought about going over there just to see if they were really real, even though i knew they were. I looked at the flowing water, and saw rainbow moving colors floating on the skin of the water, everything looked wonderful and amazing. I looked back at my friends and saw Dan naked and exploring the lowering tide, this had to be the funniest thing ever to happen to me. It wasn't funny that he was naked, what was funny was that he had his huge cast on his arm from breaking it, and it just looked so out of place and weird. I really don't know why that so funny, but it was. The tide was finally low enough to go explore. I found a stick, it looked like a cobra, and made me nervous at first, but i began to like my new friend the snake. Together we went to the end of the ocean finding new and exciting things. Sea anenemies we wonderful, and each had a new story to tell me. I saw crabs of several colors, but they were just normal crabs. The evil sea urchines were calling my name, but I wouldn't fight them. I decided to make my way back to camp.

12:45 Back at the fort, Tiny and I were the first to arrive. This was my favorite time of my life. I felt as if I had a complete understanding of life, the feeling I had was the feeling as if everything was alright, and nothing bad or not wonderful could happen, everything was a miracle. Tiny and I were Laying on the towels laid out over the dirt and for some odd reason, we ate more shrooms. I ate about a half G or so. I was signing a song the whole time i was at the fort, It was a song I learned in my Spanish class the day before, It went something like, " Paragauy Eraguay, Comlubia, Bolivia, son los paises, en el mundo, donde hablan espanol" That isn't the whole song, but that is what i remember. Now everyone was back at the fort expect for John, who was up in the cliffs having the time of his life. When everyone was there, we decided we needed to go to Tiny's house to get supplies. We were low on water, which seemed like the start of all life, and was as valuable to us as gold at the time, I don't know why. They left and it was just Ryan and I.

2:00 I was still laying in the same spot since i got back to the fort almost an hour and half ago. I looked at the cliffs, and saw the faces of Indians that ruled the area hunderds of years ago. They looked so powerful and brave, I felt Powerful and Brave as I looked at them. I brush on the Hills, looked like moss covering large mounds of dust. The ocean englufed all the living things that passed by, and it grew with power every time i looked back, I tried to stop looking at the ocean, and stay away from it. It seemed like it was days since my friends had left Margaritaville, and there was no signs of them returning, even though they were only gone for a little while since tiny's house is just about 2 minutes away. I would look up the trail every few minutes to look for there return, but nothing. Finally, after it seemed like a decade had passed, I saw the 4 of them running down, I was soo happy, and life seemed good agian, I was eger to greet them when they came done. After staying in the same spot for 2 hours, my friends great return had jumped me off the towel and in a joyful state.

3:30, the feeling that the day was coming to an end had come upon us, and as we all said our goodbyes, Dan took a pictures of the 5 shroomers, which is in my photo album right now. the walk up the trial was a very hard walk, but when I finally made it, I feeling of triumph had filled my soul. The Drive home, that was a trip in itself. If u have done it before you probably know what im talking about, Driving is crazy, its not hard, just really wierd. I Still can't discribe the feeling i had when driving home.

4:00 I got home, and my mom was outside with the dogs, I walked by her and said something I still don't remember and went to my room. I took a shower, and I felt like i was melting in the water, I looked down at the Drain to see the pastel colored water flow down the drain and out into someplace far, I wanted to follow the water on its journey, but i couldn't fit in the hole. I got out, and noticed a nice tan I had recieved from being out in the warm So Cal weather all day. I walked to my room, and with every turn of my head, a new object would morph and change sizes, my trip was still going, i probably got a little boost from the extra bit i ate with Tiny. I laid down to watch the trip fade away. My trip had came to an end...5:00.

Shrooms have given my a lot of fun times, but beware the Bad Trip. I have had the had one, and they are not only real, but they are horrible. It was the worst experiance of my life, and I haven't shroomed since that time I had a bad trip. My advice is...*Shroom with Friends * Don't shroom if you have been depressed close to the trip * Don't eat them on an empty stomach, but don't eat them any time soon after you have just had a meal * and finally, always remember, everything will be ok.

Thanks for reading my report, and happy shrooming

Sup Cutter, ryan, John, Dan, Tiny, B, and Scott


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