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this one time....on mushrooms.pt1

at a tom petty concert

Alright well for my first story ill make it short....note that by this time in my "use" of shrooms i had started to abuse them for recreation in the worst way i believe....my brother and i got tickets to go to a petty concert and i bought a whole ounce of shrooms,you know,so id have them around when i wanted them;)but anyway we each took a sufficient dose and them drank a few beers on the way to the concert ,.........well lets just make it known that i was just plain fucked up by the time we got to line to get to the parking lot....yeah i miss trey anastasio opening cause of a fucking half mile line of cars just to get to the parking lot!!!!!!....but yeah again,anyway.....i for some reason thought we may need more shrooms for later so i filled an empty cig pack with some,oh yeah,they were stropheria cubensis just for te record.....well by the time we got through the gates i really and i mean REALLY needed a drink of water...and wouldnt you know it,......................a line,yeah so while we're standing in line for water i began to feel kinda sick,too many ppl and too much goin on in the head man.so i decided to sit at a picnic table while we waited.then i laid my head down.....bad idea!thats when i lost all vision and seen nothing but those beautiful patterns at the worst time,so i stood up and then i thought i might get sick....my vision came back and i seen a patch of trees just about idk like 30ft away so i started walking towards them when i look to my left and there was like 6 cops standing in a circle talking.....them when i woke up there was like 6 cops standing over me with a flashlight in my eyes,petty was playing "freefallin"(yeah that was so cool)....they kept asking me what was goin on and i told them i was fine and they could go,haha,they said nah man you past out twice!twice?!i only remember waking up this time....but they told me i stood up and like melted straight down on top of myself just as fast as i jumped up...well they kept asking me what i was on,they named off every drug in the book just not shrooms , i mean they named everything.....my brother leaned ove me and said,"dude thier just security man if you think you can run them ill meet you on the other side of the pavillian"i just looked at him with a twisted mind and said dude,im not goin anywhere right this sec man,sorry bro...but then i was kicked out of nissan pavillian and banned,so yeah to sum it all up,tom petty tickets with trey anastasio opening......$65,ounce of premo cubensis........$125,getting banned from nissan and never seeing your seats even cause of premo shrooms.........PRICELESS. .............................................

yeah so i know i said i would make it short but hey...........im burnt......take care all

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