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Shrooming At School

This was pretty messed up.

This was pretty messed up. For those of you thinking of shrooming at school, do it. I had a fucking awesome time.

I received 2 shroom bars melted into one (shrooms chopped and put into a chocolate bar), in 3rd period. I ate it right then, knowing i wouldnt be able to wait to get home. I didn't know how strong this would be, but my friend said, "Holy shit, you're a moron, you're gonna be trippin balls by the end of the period!!"- This was only the beginning.

By the end of the period, i could feel it. I described it as a good E (ecstacy) trip. Everyone who knew what i did kept lookin at me, and i had a huge grinw on my face. The first thing i noticed was the space between the bricks on the wall were... glowing. About this time, i noticed i couldnt concentrate, which was bad considering it was in the middle of a test. By the time the period ended, i was feeling GREAT. I knew what was going to happen.

I got to fourth, and this was when it got interesting. Nothing really happened, but the big picture was what i would describe as surreal. I closed my eyes for a sec to check for CEVs, and when i opened them, EVERYTHING was radiating easter colors (blue, green, and read pastels) i couldnt believe it. It was crazy. I decided to just stare straight ahead and hope it would go away... well at least no one would see me with eyes like saucers. Someone snapped their fingers, and all of a sudden i couldnt understand what anyone was saying. Not one word. I dont remember much of the rest of the period, but it was cool.

5th period.... Still couldn't understand a word said, and i couldn't read either (not good while taking a quiz). The teacher was sick, so we watched a movie. This was fucked up. The TV kept stretching, and twisting in ways i didnt think imagineable. At one point, the whole tv encompassed me like a tv in a circle around me. I can't even begin to describe it. During this whole period, i felt a bit uneasy, but i found sanctaty in rubbing my right ear lobe between my thumb and pointer finger. I did this very often throughout the day.

6th period... Trip coming down... the easter colors were back,radiating... truly amazing. I couldnt understand what people were saying, so i thought it best not to talk at all either. At one point i remember wanting to wrte down what i was experiencing but declined to myself (this is where it overlaps into a level 4 i think) and i actually felt a bit sick over the whole thing. I figured i would remember later what was happening, i was wrong, i hardly remember anything, and what i remember is extrememly hard to describe. Trails fading, colors returning to normal, i could understand words again. i was ok. I felt great, changed, in a way.

I had a couple of questions.... to find shrooms in the Southeast, what time do you have to look for them, and in what conditions. I know people write their email on all of them, but i would really be appreciative if a fellow shroomer could help me out. My email is scottsaed@hotmail.com and my AOL is scottscool41. IM me sometime for anything.

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