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awake until 9 in the morning

Ok so this is not the strongest trip of my life but THE WEIRDEST EVER worth reading though.  (btw not a shroom trip)

background- so ive done shrooms about 14 times and ecstacy twice been smoking for about 4-5 years...

So i had tried to get acid about 4 times one of which i was sold fake acid, and all my attempts failed trying to get it..until finally i had gotten off work and me and my friend C who has done acid once decided to get a hit of acid each. so me and him acquired our shit and chilled infront of a headshop(bong store that i drink infront of every night due to lack of cop activity) we took our hits each and sat on benches smoking ciggarettes waiting for effect.

 we did this for 45 minutes then decided to walk around.it was around 11:30 and my friend C was fealing the affects already and i was sober as a judge. as we were walking around these 2 old people pulled up to us in a brand new mustang GT 5.0 and asked us where some concert was, it was literally 100 feet infront of where we were standing and then the people asked the real question "can you get pot" we got them pot then we went to all our favorite spots to chill at in the town we live in. and i was still not feeling anything by the time i was assuming it wasnt going to work it was about 1:30-2 and me and my friend were wandering around i was disapointed and he was amazed at everything.

we went to the local gas station i was still sober and my friend still tripping, this is the most unexplanable thing EVER. we are chilling outside the gas station and these 2 guys go in and i turn around and one of them is standing by the register with 2 half and half creamers in his mouth and a banana sticking out of his mouth screaming ive never been drunk bfore(with 2 budweisers sticking out of his pockets because he was trying to steal them) and his friend comes walking over with 2 beers sticking out of his pants and more out of his pockets the girl working at the gas station was asking them not to steal and they both ran out of the store. after than i was laughing so hard i starting to think i was feeling something, my head was kinda spaced out and i felt a little high. next minute a car full of our friends pulls  up and theyre all drunk beyond belief i slowly keep getting this feeling im in a movie and everything is fake. our friends pull up and look at a Fritolay truck (potato chips) and we go over to see if anyones in it to buy us a cigar. and noone is in it, so my friend Z runs into it grabs a box and runs and puts it by a tree. then i run over steal a box and put it in infront of my friends car then they take the boxes and put them in our friend D's car and drive away. then 15 minutes later me and C are sitting there and the kid D pulls up with the drunk kids again and they open the trunk to there car and steal like 15 boxes  OUT OF THE BACK OF A FRITOLAY TRUCK. lol funniest thing of my life, and then they drive away.

next another unexpected thing happens, a guy i smoked out with some weed the night bfore shows up, and he wasnt in a smoking mood but he gives me a bunch of weed to roll a joint with. and we smoked with the girl who works at the gas station.. after i smoked the joint the acid hit me like a slap in the face, weird because this was 4AM and i took the acid at about 11PM...i was staring at a oil stain in the ground and it looked like fat albert, and then we left the gas station, and i noticed at the gas station my tripping friend C kept pulling stuff off of him, so as we were walking away i asked him what he was doing and he told me he kept feeling spider webs on his arms and face. the second he said that i was pulling spider webs off myself, we were running through the town we lived in tripping balls at 5am pulling spider webs off of us. we chilled and walked around a little the craziest shit was when i would look at something far away it was keep getting further, it would look miles away. and then we went into this field and there was a deer sitting there which i didnt see until i was a foot away from it and it jumped up and ran and to me it looked like 2 legs running i couldnt see the body so i screamed and just ran away down the road to my house, we got to my house and listened to some trippy song then went back into town. it was about 6:30 AM and the sun burned our eyes and cars were driving around and people were out and about we were still tripping balls until about 9 when we had no energy left.

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