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The Counter Culture, realized

"Ultimate peace, is the solution"

My first time trying shrooms was about a month  ago, My buddies are in a band and they had scheduled a show, so we drove about 30minutes to get to the place, ends up when we got there it was cancelled. So.. when we get back to their Jam space,  they had a bag of shrooms, each of them took about 3grams. and they werent mine so I didnt expect to eat any. but since we are close friends they spotted me about 2.5 grams, at this point we were already very stoned. I ate the shrooms and about 45minutes later.....

I began to feel VERY happy, and positive about all things in life. The band my friends are in is a Jam band, which has heavy influence from the counter culture, so they began to play and as they played I was sitting on the couch with a few of my buddies when something on the wall caught my eye...... ..  .. .  I realized that a drawing I drew on the wall about a month prior was singing the lyrics of the song to me, I starred in awe at the drawing, it was at this point that I felt It was my duty to re-vemp the counter culture movement in America once again, I shut my eyes and a kaeidoscope repetition fluttered my view for what seemed like hours, all the time imagining myslef in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Fransisco, and even had visions of smoking a joint atop hippie hill. I soon stood up and snatched a beer out of the fridge, and went into the other room where the band was jamming away, seeing my friends playing their perspective instruments enjoying themselves added to my already out of this world happieness... but...

not soon after that one of my friends had to go home, and at the point the greatest feeling I had ever had suddenly dropped. I realized that I had forgotten compeletly of the real world and that we all had jobs and school, and many other important responsibilities in our lives, I sat around like a sad dog for awaile (not sure on time, time is non-existant at this point). after he left, the rest of us continued our great time and my joy picked back up again. I decided that I wanted to go back and visit my friend signing on the wall, but it ended up he was not singing anymore, so accidentally i looked up at the ceiling. It was a drop ceiling made of about 2x4 panels, the panel dircetly above me i realized was moving, breathing if you will in a rather feirce motion, even parts of the panel spilling over the metal dividers and joining the other panels next to it. If you think that is cool.....

Have you ever seen those octapus on TV that can change color of whatever they are surrounded by? This is what the panel began to do, as I watched it. before my eyes the panel turned into every different color, folliage, all sorts of colors and objects it turned. Then the waves that were rippling threw the panel conjorned into one large wave that began to come closer to me (like if u let spit hang out of your mouth then suck it back up) It came so close it seemed like it was going to touch my head, so In a fast motion I hoped onto the other couch and planned on watching it from there. but when my eyes met the area again.. It was back to normal. If you've done shrooms before you know that while under the effects you don't really want to do much, you want to just hang out and enjoy yourself. well... the others that were with me decided they wanted to go to a party, so.. forced to be alone I went and on the way there I beleive is when my experience ended. Throughout the entire experience I remember one reoccuring thought that filled my mind, and that was "Ultimate peace, is the solution."

p.s- me and my buddies are buying a mass quantity sometime soon, so more reports to come.

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