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My first time on shrooms.

The government is like a mouth!

Okay, so, this was a while ago but I feel like talking about it now.

Before I start I want to tell you all in this story when I refer to WE I am referring to myself and a friend of mine, K.

I had been attempting to aquire shrooms for nearly a month with no luck. On time we were waiting 9 hours for a dealer who PROMISED us shrooms, and then he called back saying he couldn't get them. ANYWAYS randomly somone we knew sent us a message saying "My boyfriend will sell you shrooms." I was say because I had to go to work. It was 10 minutes before my shift was over when I looked out the window, my friend came around the corner, and in he marched with a big grin on his face. I knew EXCACTLY why.

We walked back to his house excitedly, his family is totally cool with us doing drugs. So anyways, in we marched like we were the owners of the world he opened up his drug box and revealed our booty. 10 big sexy grams of Psilocybe semilanceata, or Liberty Caps. I inspected them for about 5 minutes, I wanted to make sure we got what we payed for, they were dried and crushed up, I'd say about 3 were still in their full form. We were somewhat nervous about them, so we only had about 1.5 grams each, we planned on saving the rest for another time, well, we downed them with a glass of water, they didn't taste so bad actually.(They did the next time.) Well anyways me and K figured it would be about an hour to kick in so we went into his living room and watched TV with the family, we were talking about how fucked up we would get. I just felt like I was about to explode CONSTANTLY thinking "This is it! This is it!" Thinking I was tripping. Then I started to get a little giggly, I got that tingly feeling in my chest. I knew it was building up. I looked up at the TV and on came a car comercial, I'm not quite sure why, but I laughed, it wasn't a big laugh, just a laugh, everyone in the room was thinking I was tripping out, but I felt pretty normal, just kind of happy and giggly, I layed down on the floor and just thought about life. 5 minutes later my friend started laughing hysterically, to this day I don't know what he laughed at. His mom told us to go upstairs and trip out, so K hopped off the couch and ran down the hall at what seemed like 5 million miles an hour, he seemed to warp through space. It was amazing, I didn't really think "Wow! That looks crazy!" It just seemed normal. So I got up and stepped into the hall, the second my foot touched the floor the tiles WAVED and I mean a hardcore wave, not only did I see it, I felt it, it nocked me off my feet, I hit the ground hard. It was so sudden and unexpected. I almost cried tears of happiness. I just LOVED how I was tripping, I'd say I sat there for about 10 minutes, but I think it was about 1.

I got up and with quite a bit of effort, I made it up the stairs and it's K's room. He was on his bed staring at the ceiling waving his hands in the air. I just thought he looked so funny. I just burst out laughing. I laughed until I felt like my lungs would burst. We got up and ran into his sisters room because it just felt like a good idea, we both fell at the same time and hit the ground laughing out asses off. Luckily, his sister wasn't home. So I'd say we were in there for about a half an hour laughing and talking about just about EVERYTHING. I didn't really get any visuals. My vision was just kind of screwed, like being really drunk. But I didn't even care, I was so happy, in a truly wonderful mood. I think the funniest thing K said was "I feel gay right now." He later explained he meant happy gay, but at the time I just laughed at him, and he laughed with me. :) His brother came in to see us hugging the floor. He said "You guys are fucked." and then left.

We followd him because it seemed like the right thing to do, we went into his room, him and his friend were there they were playing Playstation 3. We didn't want to play, so we just sat there, talking and laughing for what felt like hours. I've been told to not hang out with people not tripping, but I did and it was amazing, I love being around sober people when I'm screwed up, it feels good to me, no idea why. K's brother put on Freddy Crouger's Nightmare on Elm Street. I thought it would be scary but I only remember about 3% of the movie, not a singly bit scary, everything about it made me laugh. I hit my peak probably about halfway through the movie, I looked up at  the  wall, everything looked blue and red.

We laughed and joked for the rest of the night until we finally went back down stairs. We went out to walk  the dog and K went tearing down the road, stood up at the intersection for about a minute and came runnning back, by this time I was coming down fast so it didn't really interest me, I looked into his eyes, he had that wild glint still, he was still tripping hardcore, we went inside and watched AI. I was quite sober by this time so was K so we just went to bed, I woke up feeling refreshed.

That was my first trip I hope you enjoyed it. P.S. since then I've tripped 4 times. I've had much stronger visuals, but never such a happy trip. I mean, I was 100% ecstatic all the way through.

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