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god of the beach

It was Thursday afternoon and Bill, Chris, Erik and myself were driving endlessly trying to find some friend of Erik's that had mushrooms.

It was Thursday afternoon and Bill, Chris, Erik and myself were driving endlessly trying to find some friend of Erik's that had mushrooms. Finally we drove up to him and he handed us 4 chocolates, each containing boiled mushrooms inside. "It's about time" Bill said.
We were now heading to Bill's awesome beach house. For Bill, Erik, and myself it would be the first time that we would do shrooms, Chris had already done them twice and told us how amazing they were. We arrived at the beach house four grueling hours later in a state of excitement. Bill and I decided that we would do shrooms on the first night so that if anything happened Chris and Erik could look after us and vise versa the next night.
The moment was finally upon us, i took my chocolate, unwrapped it slowly and gulped it down with the help of a little h2o. I had brought with me the matrix so we could watch it while we were tripping. Twenty minutes into it my stomach began to hurt a little, I hadnt eaten much the whole day. We decided to put in the Matrix and began watching it. I began to laugh uncontrollably, Bill kept telling me to be quit, but that only made me laugh harder. The color of the tv began turning purple and then green. I stared at the tv in amazement and asked if anyone else was seeing this. Chris looked at me and his jaw dropped to the floor. "Dude your pupils are the size of marbles, I can't even see any color." I promptly went to the bathroom and stared at my eyes, which really freaked me out, it was like an empty hole in my eye. I went back to the room and tried to watch the movie but my mind was swirling, like there was a tornado in my head. I asked if we could go to the beach, but Bill said that his parents were still awake. I didn't care i stumbled down to the beach and just stood there feeling the wind and the sand. Lightening struck and the whole beach lit up. I had my hands in my pockets but i couldnt feel the fabrik, it was as if i wasnt wearing shorts at all. I took off my shirt and tried to feel my heart but I couldn't feel it beating. I began thinking of the 5 senses and their importance when lightening struck again, creating a stilframe in my head. I could hear music in my head and my voice was different. Then I was starteled by Bill, Chris, and Erik who came down to the beach to see what I was doing. Chris turned to me and said "So, are you tripping?" Just as he had said that his face began to change form and I kept hearing those words in my head over and over and over. I walked back inside for a minute with Erik and discovered that it had only been one hour since i had eaten the mushrooms. I couldn't believe it, it felt as though a whole year had gone by. I went back to the beach and sat on the sand and began thinking. Suddenly I was no longer at the beach but in my history class taking a test, then I was walking to my physics class, then I was at lunch. I began to wonder whether my whole life was happening simultaneosly. Time converged, each minute was a lifetime. I then noticed that my friends were just watching the lightening so I went to join them. When the lightening struck, they turned from 3d to 2d. I fell backwards in amazement and closed my eyes. I saw swirling colors all around me, lines and waves, playing cards talking to each other. I stood up, went inside, and looked in a mirror. My pupils were now changing form in front of my own eyes, I couldn't beleive it. I knew that I could never be the same after this. A whole new world of perception, everything was deeper and held so much more meaning. I saw how my friends personified society and conformity. I laid down on my bed, closed my eyes, and saw a new world of color. I now knew why they called them psychedelic mushrooms.

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