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A trip around my mind

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Here's everything me and my friend had

3 bowl packs of of weed two joints, a bottle of beer, a pack of cigs, and an 1/8 of shrooms.

So heres how it went. Me and my friend both got an 1/8 of some really strong shrooms and mixed some stuff

I ate 1.5 grams of the shrooms at 4:45 PM because I didn't want it coming up on me so fast and they tasted somewhat like stale crackers or stale chips. As we were coming up we were so happy and everything felt so good like we were coming up on ecstasy. Around 5:30 PM we went down stairs to go watch some TV and we were just looking around and the walls kept moving back and forth slowly noticing all the changes that's happening.

Coming up around 6:15 we started tripping pretty hard and i ate the last 2 grams of the shrooms and we started talking about everything and it seemed like we had every answer to the world. At that time stuff started shifting colors and warping a little bit for the first time of the trip. Then about 7:00 pm we felt like we were stoned out of our minds without the retard feeling and we had almost no idea what was going on and the walls were breathing in and out about a foot or two in and out while everything looked like the walls were dripping while shading colors.

Then around 7:45 we started peaking almost and we could read each others minds and have a whole conversation together without talking and we were hallucinating random things in the room that seemed so real. People's body's were shifting randomly along with some random things appearing and disappearing out of no where in the room. I was noticing a really good buzz from the shrooms at the time along with the fact that I felt clear minded.  Around this time we sat down in a circle (me and my friend tripping and 1 other person not tripping) and started smoking weed which I thought back and it was a really bad idea because it makes me paranoid and I haven't smoked for 5 months since then. It also didn't help that we had 2 huge glasses of Orange Juice because we heard it makes you trip harder and we thought we could handle it a lot better than we really did.

At this time everything was getting really wavy and patterns were shifting everywhere and i was was hearing random voices talking to me and voices sounding like I was in my house at the time hearing my family but I was at my friends house home alone. Then our sitter for the trip was there and she came back with a few grams of weed but we could barely understand her voice because it was sounded like it was warping and changing speeds. That was around the time that we were at our peak of the trip where everything felt so real and couldn't tell the difference from reality and our own dimensions of the universe.

Then when were coming down at around 8:45 and this is where things turned for the worse because we ended up so depressed and just wanted it to end. The next thing I remembered we had no idea what anything was. I was still at my peak of the trip, but at this point I was feeling that my life was so useless because I had all the answers to everything so I didn't feel like there was any point in living anymore. I tried getting happy but couldn't find it in me to feel better because since it was getting darker and the colors got duller. This is when I decided to smoke a few bowl packs with my friend to get us feeling happy and it just felt like I was a complete druggie about to mess up my life even more. Then we go downstairs as the trip starts going down and we were a little buzzed from the weed, but the shrooms were overpowering it so we barely felt anything from them. The Xbox 360 is downstairs so we decide to play Fightnight on it, but my friend couldn't even figure out how to play the game (it was his Xbox and he played the game hundreds of times). So we just laid down and tried to remember what has been going on in the trip.

As we were laying down out of no where we both forgot everything that happened in the past 5 hours and i forgot who everyone was in my family and everything else in my life. For around an hour or so we were thinking we were stuck in the trip because it was 6-7 hours in and thought we should have been coming down by then. This is the very worst part of the trip because we also forgot who everyone was, our family, friends, phone numbers, I even forgot what my house looked like. So we were laying trying to remember stuff but it kept getting worse and worse and my friend was basically saying everything out loud that I couldn't say and I was saying out loud what he couldn't say (we couldn't remember how to say the sentences). I even had a cig in my hand and it was burning for a few minutes by itself because I forgot how to smoke it so I just let it burn out to the bottom. While this was still happening the walls were still warping and changing colors. We tried going to sleep while we were still tripping but it was too intense for us and our thoughts were racing through our mind so fast I couldn't even keep them shut without seeing closed eye visuals.

After around 10:30 we both started remembering things while the amnesia was going away, but everything was still changing slightly and I was just glad the trip was ending. At one point I was listening to the sounds outside and hearing people talk and yell, but all of a sudden I could have sworn I heard a gun shot and hearing people running away as it happened, but it ended up me just hallucinating the sounds in my head because my friend who was already finished with the trip said he didn't hear it. A few minutes later everything went back to normal completely at around 11:00 pm so we just smoked a little bit more weed and decided to go to sleep and forget what happened in the past hour or two while still seeing a few things shift colors and move but it was fairly easy to go to sleep.

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