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An experience like no other

Someday, I hope I can obtain this feeling again.

Being young and experimental has it's ups and downs.

One highlight that stands out to me is my first ever trip. I think everybody who has ever consumed mushrooms understands the appeal that the first trip left them with.

Perhaps it was because they were given to me for free, and I never expected to even eat them, that it was such an amazing experience.

I was younger, probably about fifteen years old, long before Ibecame the mycophile I am today. My good friend who is a cultivator, gave me the first dried mushrooms I'd ever get. He was my best friend's (Chris) older cousin, Mike, a hippie at heart, and the dude that got me interested in everything that I'm involved in today. He attempted to give them to his younger cousin, Chris, who reluctantly declined.

When Mike offered me the "wonka bar" (he took it from a metal box that said "wonka chocolates" on it), I was happy to take it. Maybe I wanted to prove to Mike that I was "cool", maybe I really wanted to try it. I don't quite remember, but the former seems to make more sense; being an impressionable 15 year old kid. I kept it hidden in my room, not even remotely understanding the power those teonancatl held yet.

So about 2 weeks later, Chris and some of our friends smoked some ganja, and decided to go to the movies. I brought the mushrooms with me to his house, and as they smoked, me and Chris consumed the shrooms.

To this day, Chris says that they didn't work for him, but he also had a full stomach, and ate about 1/4 the amount I ate. We were with Chris's girlfriend, Kristin, and our friend Chipper. We left from Chris's house, and Chip departed, getting picked up by his mom or something.

Now, you have to realize, before these mushrooms, the only thing that I'd ever done drug wise was smoking weed, so I truthfully didn't expect that the mushrooms would work that well....

man was I wrong.

We walked to a corner store where we were going to get picked up by a cab. I remember they started working right then, at the cornerstore. Kristin's eyes balooned up to the size of her head, and the white bricks that were to my right started spinning in that famous inwards psilocybin spin. I will never forget seeing those patterns for the first time. The ground felt as if it were rising underneath me. In the cab, I started giggling in convulsions, and my friends looked at me as if I were crazy. I think the cab driver thought I was laughing at him, because he kept peering back at me.

We got to the mall, where the movie theaters are, and I only remember seeing a man whose face was literally shrunk and resting on only his chin. The rest of his face was just blank skin. I found this to be the most funny thing I'd ever seen, and I burst out laughing.

The movie was amazing. That's all I can say. We sat down, and I truthfully did not understand what was going on around me. Chris told me to calm down, and gave me a cream cheese bagel, which I attempted to eat and promptly smeared all over my face. Why? Seriously, not for any reason. Nowadays, when I trip, things like that just don't happen. I was out of my head at that point. I began having conversations with myself, changing from laughing to being dead serious, flowing from one feeling to another.

The visuals I interpreted were ridiculous. The movie screen was beautiful. To put it into words would be impossible. It seemed as if there was tenfold images, pressed upon one another to form one breathtaking, pulsating, vibrant, and not-understandable image. Patterns floated everywhere I looked.

When I got up to go to the bathroom, I walked up the aisle, and there were red lights going up the sides of it. It felt as if it took an hour to reach the top. I slowly felt the red lights enfold me, and I felt as if I was the only person in that dark theater at that time (although I wasnt).I don't specifically remember walking to the bathroom. But I do remember being in the bathroom, and looking in the mirror and watching my face morph. The outlines were so gorgeous and defined, but yet everything was flowing in patterns of life. As I exited the bathroom, there was a full body mirror unto which I watched myself approach it for what seemed like an eternity. I still remember that feeling. It was amazing. It's unexplainable, it truly is. Those who say that mushrooms arent amazing are people who dont understand what it is like to really trip, to really go back to the origins of time.

To the best of my ability, I can explain it to someone who has never done them like this: listen to the Beatles white album, the track entitled "Revolution 9". I heard this song long after I had tripped, and I started to freak out. "THAT'S EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS!" I remember exclaiming. Nothing makes sense, and the world is amazing.

Near the end of the movie, I remember walking out of the theater, except I wasn't walking. I specifically remember "floating". Everywhere I went, I simply floated to my next destination.

The sensation of your first mushroom trip is by far the most amazing, perhaps because you dont fully expect that it will be that thorough. It doesn't cloud your head, as marijuana and alcohol do, but it defines the person that you are, and helps you to be introspective, as well as observant of patterns in the world around you. Necessary things make sense, and unecessary things appear to the tripper to be the most stupid of ideas. Everything ebbs and flows, and everything is simply beautiful.

Nowadays, I realize that tripping in such a public place, especially for my first time, was definitely not the best of ideas. I didn't know what to expect. But also, this first trip has defined the person that I am today in terms of mushrooms. It has molded me to learn to control my trips, and my trains of thought. I recommend tripping in a sacramental, isolated envrionment if one would care to learn about themselves.

But take my word, those of you who are yet to trip: you must realize that the mushrooms WILL take over your entire views of reality and existence. Be ready for it. Ahh.... maybe not. I wasn't.... and it was the greatest experience of my life.

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