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shine a little light

I live in Arkansas so shrooms dont come around here very often.

I live in Arkansas so shrooms dont come around here very often. I could say almost never. So when we get shrooms here we feel like somebody upstairs (GOD) has decided to shine a little light on us. We treat it like that too. We dont tell anyone but the people in our closest circle of friends. It may seem selfish but it keeps away people who could get us busted or bring on a bad night.

I love anything that makes me trip but shrooms are the king. They are the god of hallucinogenic drugs. I dont care what anybody says. not all super speedy like acid but just right.

We got a quarter and and split it four ways. We first decided that a movie would not give the shrooms the respect they deserved. I am shure sacred mushrooms that have been used for religious purposes for thousands of years would not like being eaten just for us to watch something stupid like super troopers so we went the natural rute. We turned the lights up and since my friend has only couches lining every wall in his livingroom we all had a couch to our selves. It had already been 15 minuts or so since ingestion and i was ready. We all wher ready very ready. We all had smiles on our faces already laughing because the idea that we wher about to trip spawned a little euphoria itself.

We talked waiting for them to come on and the slightest affects slowley snuck up. Before we knew it we all had stopped talking. At this point That buzzy feeling started and my friend looks at me and said yap we are gonna trip tonight man, we are gonna trip hard. He said it just like that. It sounded so cheesey we all laughed at him. He started laughing wich just made us laugh harder. I love mushroom indused uncontrollable laughter. If i could live in that moment forever I would. Then MR. WE ARE GONNA TRIP lookes back over at me while he was still laughing and said man do do you remember when you picked up my cat and it shit all over you . then everybody laughed harder and so did I. Then he explained that right after the cat incident his girlfriend would even get close to me. I rememberd that perfectly I rememberd how she stood in his hallway and just stared at me.(yes i went home and showered and changed) The thought of her peeking around a corner at me with cat poo in my shirt made me laugh too. Infact at that point it was the funniest thing ever which just added more wood to our bonfire of laughter. I had to pee from all of this laughter so i went outside (GREAT IDEA) the clear sky here is beautuful at night so after peeing i told everybody to come look outside and we did the stars wher moving back and forth growing and shrinking. the mood was spinning slowly and that was so cool. Obviously they liked it too because we spent the remainder of the night lying in a field next to his house. This is (I THINK) the reason god created shrooms. So friends could get together and have fun no matter what.

good luck tripping

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