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First trip w/ Morning Glory

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A couple of months ago I had my first (and quite possibly my last) trip on Heavenly Blue Morning Glory. i.e. LSA. I procured the seeds from my local Smart Foods and purchased (if memory serves right) about five packs each containing an average of 50 seeds for a total of 250 seeds.

I dosed that night, by first counting out the seeds to be sure I had exactly 250. I then ground up the seeds in a coffee grinder and poured them into a cup of water,  which I'm sorry to say I didn't let it sit and then strain the seed matter before consuming. (I highly reccommend doing this for reasons that will soon become clear. )I simply drank the entire cup of water, seeds and all and then proceeded to cuddle with my boyfriend on the couch.

Now I am 99% sure that no more than five minutes later, the trip started. I will admit that my sense of time may of been skewed, but I'm pretty positive it was almost instantaneous. I started to feel a very odd physical sensation on the very top of my head. The best way to describe it is the feeling you experience when your foot falls asleep except 10x stronger. A few seconds later I felt a strong urge to purge the contents of my stomach. I made it to the bathroom and purge I DID. (This is why I reccommend doing a cold water extraction with the seeds.) As soon as I was finished I felt HIGH. Imagine the best weed you've ever smoked and times it by 100. That's how I felt. It was nice...but not.

I then proceeded to go into our bedroom and lay down and that's when everything went BAD. We were watching the movie Brother's Grimm and I could not pay any attention to the movie what so ever. The only thing I could tell you about the movie was that it was dark. That's all I remember. I started having horrible thoughts about dying, about killing myself, people, my pets. I litteraly felt like I was going insane. I experienced the "I'll never be sane again" feeling that typically accompanies a bad trip. I think if it weren't for my boyfriend talking me through it and telling me everything was going to be ok, I'm not sure what would have happened.

As far as visuals, I honestly didn't experience much at all. Light seemed to be mildly distorted at times, but that's it. (I think this is the only reason I would rate the trip a 2. Otherwise, as far as what it did to my mental state I think it was more of a 3.) About midway through the trip my boyfriend and I had sex and I must admit, it wasn't a pleasant experience for me. At one point I got the overwhelming feeling that he was going to hurt me and I started panicking. I had heard prior to my trip that sore legs were not uncommon when it comes to tripping off of LSA, but I must say I never experienced that part of it. The only thing I noticed was a wobbly, jelly-like feeling in my legs whenever I stood. The trip itself  lasted a good while. I dosed about 10 pm and didn't stop tripping until around 7 or 8 am the next morning. Not fun.

One thing I forgot to mention, I did have a good buzz going off of some alcohol before I dosed so I'm not sure if this at all affected the trip. All in all it wasn't a pleasant experience and I'm not really sure if I'll ever repeat it again. If I did it wouldn't be anytime soon and I would actually do a proper extraction to lessen the nausea and hopefully have a more enjoyable experience.

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