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Hey guys my first post, Alrite here goes. i decided to go to tassie to see my mate play at this rave and meet up with my ex. i arrive in tassie all good and well we go straight to the uni there and get offered some massive amounts of dryed up shrooms for free, how could we say no. later on that night around 11:00 we start drinking and preping to go to the rave. Around 3 hours later we were on our way to the rave. soon as i get there i decide i take about  8 pritty well sized shrooms, as i was waiting i decide to have another 5 pritty big sized shrooms. about 45mins later, every thing is so beautiful im sitting there talkin to my ex flowing in out of reaility.

Then  20 mins later i realise some thing is wrong, my visuals were getting to intence to handel and i found my self falling in and out of my body. Time kinda stoped after this but the memories are still there of how horriable it got. because the music was hardstyle it wasnt helping. i was unable to move talk or walk. Massive visuals time fading, Apparently i went to sleep !!! nightmares of which no one could ever understand. nightmares of death hate losing friends. Then death, I thought i was dead for what seems as hours and hours and hours, i gave up!! lost in my own self, behond thought and time. my friends almost called an anbo, but since a couple of my friends there new it was a massive trip they decided it was best not it. The music became to intence i found my self in a loop hearing the same songs over and over again, hearing things that wernt there. voices in my head telling me it all over. having a converstation with my self !!! then again, it looped untill i was lost.  " im a pritty song headed person " it became so intence i would have loved some one to just put a bullet to my head.my friends tried to give me support i remeber then saying its all in your head and your not dead !! who could they fool !!

 The only thing i can could was sit there and fight it as they said. i remeber talking to my ex in my trip. About things ive never told any one in my life.  hours went by, people carried me out side in to the fucken freezing 1 degree tassie air. i remeber dreaming as my eyes were open, seeing every thing so distorted i couldnt make it out. as i  thought i was dead. my friends trying to talk to me proved impossiable. my friend called a taxi helped me in the car, came back to were i was staying for the night, Then it hit me reaility was back. it came from nothing and straight away BANG!!! and i was back......my life had changed nothing was the same. as i sat there talking to my ex, i cryed my little heart out. the trip was massive and ive experienced nothing like it in my live, not even on 2 droped of liquid acid. This is what they call a life changing experience and god it was good to be back. the next day was the best day of my life, Ever since then i see every thing diffrently and im just happy to be there.

All in all. Shrooms are the shit =D just dont be stupid and think u can handel it so many.

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