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under the mushroom, over the rainbow

im out of mind (and i wont be back soon)

before i left my house, i popped in like about 26 triple c's. but of course i didnt tell him (big mistake). My friend had called me and asked if i wanted to kick it at his pad. we were going out for the shortest amount of time like last year i think. And then it was awkward after we broke up but we're friends now. Just came back from ralphs and took an apple. came back home and i layed on his bed while he was working on the apple i was searching his drawers for a lighter

strange thing to say  but i had this "relation" with another guy when i was a child. i was in middle school and he was in highschool. he got me into everything and did anything with me all in all i loved him a lot. i've known him for about 6 years and he left to La for some business. i kept in touch with him and we would talk on the phone and i visited him in our spot but he just dissapeared slowly, became head of his gang and we just drifted apart from each others lives and it was funny because i remember him promising that when we were going to turn 16, we could both run away together and live in a one bedroom apartment then we'd both get jobs. I think after about three months of completely not talking to each other he called me and told me he was in jail using the phone and he got burned badly with the cops. i didnt know what to say (after 3 months of complete silence) so i hung up with my hands trembling. and sat up looking at the clock and i started to cry.

.strange indeed.

so going back to my friends. he put on some weird song in his itunes and came back from the kitchen with an apple. he packed in some redhell and and flicked the lighter. and i hit the first greens i choked on it so hard though but the first hit, my c's finally kicked in. we kept blazing. the itunes seemed to get louder and pounded more heavier and just sounded like noise to me. so i turned about and looked at my friend to tell him i was pretty gone and there i saw him. it wasnt my friend it was the guy i fell in love with a long time ago. my first love. and rubbed my eyes to see if i was just hallucinating and i wasnt he was just there. he was like
"What? Are you okay? Stop looking at me like that" and he started to laugh but i just kept a serious face and continued to stare. It's like nothing i ever felt, why him?
"You're just fucking high dude, dont even worry about. a few hours from now, we're gonna laugh at this," he said. So we just kept on passing it. But im not laughing and i choked horribly for absolutely no reason. i usual could take nice fat hits but this feeling was so overwhelming. Maybe because i saw my first love. Everything became all pinkish red again and the dots began to appear. The next thing you know it, my whole vision was like a vintage comic book with pop art everything. (Curses! those darn c's) i saw him again and he was holding my hand telling me are you okay? You're sweating and you dont usually get this pale. Heyy. heyy and his voice sorta faded out as i felt his warm body holding mine. i was so cold.

i closed my eyes and it was all red. i heard footsteps. and a little girl in a black dress was in the back of my mind was telling me "am i dreaming? is this real? who are you??" and all this stuff
i was so confused. and i told myself to wake up but the girl continued to walk as the footsteps came near she tugged on my jacket and didn't shut up. after that i think i entered other demensions like last time. i went to this one world where i was suspended and everyone was flying. unexplained things. and i knew i wasnt dreaming. it was something very different. then the voice told me that you cant escape. you're trapped and it asked if you wanted to stay or you wanted to go back. i didnt say anything. but i thought what would happen to the body in the room back there and as soon as i realized that i saw dots appear and they swirled together making a scene with a girl on the bed and a guy at his computer playing guitar as i came back to earth.

i opened my eyes and looked at him real close and it wasnt him anymore. it was just my friend.
he told me i fell asleep. which i highly doubt, but then again humans could believe anything they see. and in this case, i actually DID see it.
but it's still a mystery..

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