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the best night of my life


so there i was with a gaterade bottle filled with OJ and an eighth of broken up mushrooms. I have done mushrooms twice before but only an half eighth. i liked them. so i was sippin on the nasty ass OJ, sitting there waiting for somthing to kick in. So i grabed a pen and paper and started drawing. i was drawing for about 15 min when i started to space out for 5 mins at a time. and i was like hell yea here it comes!!!! then i looked up at the ceiling watching the disco ball and all its colors fliker with life. it went in circles around the room. i found that fun for a min then it started to go around in a circle but the circle just went on like a river it was weird. then it started to kick in really hard. i was messing with the lamp shade next to me and it started to grow like a mushroom. RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES it was growing then it would stop and go agian. the lines going down it looked so amazing. then i picked up the ipod and started to play crazy ass techno and every thing was in sink(bad spelling) with it. it was amazing. after that got boring i stumbled down stairs and went to the kitchen. i looked at the dryer and washer sliding door and it was breathing,sliding down, and like melting at the same time. i just sat down on the floor and watched in amusment. my friend came in and was like WTF are you doing and i said i dont know and quickly got up and went to watch tv or somthing but every thing was so distracting. it was about 1am at the time and the dog had to be walked. and this is the dog i have triped with all the other times. THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD. ha but i took her out for a walk. it was so foggy that night. it was sooooo coool. as i was walking her i sat still and looked at the fire highdrent and it was bigger then any thing i have seen. at the moment i was so spaced out that i relized that i wasnt walking the dog. the dog was walking me so we went on a journy. it was like i was floating on water or somthing.cant explain it. when she was taking a piss or somthin i watched the grass grow all around her(the dog)and it was like mushroom pins every where. we walked every where. it was a full moon and i could see every singe crater,every single pixil of the moon. and the moon was expanding in width like it was 4 moons put together. then as i was thinking to my self the sky started flashing like a strobe light kinda, like every few sec it would flash diff colors. it was amazing. as i was coming back i found my self on a steping stone staring at it.the i relized it was cracked. and the stones soul had to be released or something. so i moved the big half of the cracked stone about 5 or 6 feet away from the orignal spot. and was i walked off i thought to my self "i did somthing good for the world" no clue why i thought that but i did. as i was coming in my friend was walking out and he said" holy shit i almost came looking for you" i laugh for a min and then said" i was only gone for like 10 min. come to find out i was gone for almost an hour when we only walk her for like 5 min. lol as i came in i sat and just giggled to my self and then left. my other friend(not on mushrooms) came with me and we sat on this parking thing. and i dropped my bottle and just looked at it as it rolled away. I saw a trail from where it had rolled. it was just like a black line. it was cool. i would be talking to my friend and mid sentence i would drift off and starr and somthing that cought my eyes. and my friend would just laugh. and i would giggle and go about somthing else. we chilled out there  for a min. then went inside as i was walking in the room i felt the wall up and i could feel every single bump and it was like i could read the walls life story. so we laid down and we had music going but we put boxers over the light on the cd player so its not as dark. and the little bit of light that came through looked like an old mans face. it was really freaky but he was harmless so i was just like fuck it and went to sleep.   I woke up in the morning and found out i still had some left. so i chuged it and went to the mall........kinda tripped but every thing just felt better...haha  but yea  i am deff doing mushrooms agian.and agian and agian and agian... cant wait.

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