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Hotel Fun

Crazy night in a hotel

    This night starts of just a normal evening hanging out with the girlfriend, but with later plans to hang out with my buddy. Well I said, "Good night," and gave my buddy a call around 10:30PM, and he was already stoned and being a Doctor Giggleshits, but started to give directions to a hotel. Did my buddy just smoke himself into a fag? After collecting himself and being serious for a moment, he started to explain the situation. He gave me the exciting news that he had just finished drying a huge flush of mushrooms, and that he, his cousin and wife, and I were to meet him at the Days Inn for one hell of a night. "So I'm tripping tonight, eh?" I said, and he replied, "indeed."

>> fast forward  to arrival >>

    I walk in and I'm immediately handed a Hershey's chocolate bar and a baggie that weighed around 3.2 grams. Down the hatch they go, and now we play the waiting game. It was a very comfortable setting, with no worry of parents or anything of the unexpected, pretty nice for about $15 a piece. Well, with playing the game also brings boredom so I partake of getting a little stoned myself, and we chat back and forth with Comedy Central playing in the background. As we all chat for about an hour we all come to the realization that it is starting to come on pretty heavy. The earthy and lovely sinking feeling grabs hold, and the trip begins.
    A few opened eye hallucinations take place for everyone with flickers of light and the grain in the wood of the walls start to morph and spin. My buddies give me some 3D glasses to wear and the brilliant colors turn in their collidascope fashion on their own. When someone else wants a turn, I take the glasses off and, "Yay!" they are still there and slowly drift away as your mind wonders ito something else. After messing with the glasses and talking back and forth for a bit we are about 2.5 hours in and all of our eyes turn to the television. Clerks the movie was on, and the part when they are talking about chicks with dicks and watching the porno was taking place. Very funny to all of us except my buddy who is just turned way wrong by this small excerpt of the movie. Well at this moment we are all seriously wasted with three of us laughing and one needing for the television to be off that instant. So his cousin turns off television and while he is up flicks off the overhead light. I do not know what it was, but probably had something to do with the mushrooms taking their full effect, but that light coming off made me want to take a shower that instant, and also takes this fun loving experience into the depths of hell.
    First, the funny part. As imbarassing as it is, I can blame all of it on the drug and laugh about it. I was under the blanket laying in the bed, and began to shed my clothes, in a sort of secret fashion. Now nude and rolled up in the blanket rolled onto the floor, and began doing a caterpillar crawl to the bathroom. As I crawl, and this is all while leaving everyone speechless the blanket starts to slide off and shows my bare ass to everyone. My buddy starts to freak out as his cousin throws the blanket back over me and shoves me into the bathroom. I close the door and give it quick lock, and prop my head against the door. I am completely obliterated, time has totally ceased, I hear only what is going in the bathroom, the death of my conciousness has occured. The grainy walls are molten lava and are continuously flowing, which in turn makes my skin open every pore in my body and I sweat rediculously. My eyes are rolling to the back of my skull without control until my head slams to floor, kind of an awakening. When my eyes focus there is a half empty bottle of water in front of me. I take a sip, then for some reason dump the rest on my head. With the water cooling my skin, it also brings hearing back to the outside of the room. There is commotion and in my reasoning at the time we are being busted and all is lost and I will surely die. So I open the door with boxers somehow on now, and I crawl out. I am immediately picked up, because I am unable to stand on my  own, and my eyes start to roll back once again. I am in no control, I am in the mindset that I am being mugged now, because I am now being repeatedly slapped in the face. In reality my buddy is trying to bring me to some sort of reality, but I am to far gone. And to also help no matters at all my other pal is screaming into the phone at his girlfriend. "Why?!?" My buddie's cousin for what had to seem like hours calmed us down. It all ends with me finally coming to lying in the bed around 7:30 AM. I took deep breaths and looked at the clock with relief. I knew where I was, I knew I was OK, I knew it was over. I said my goodbyes about an hour later and went to McDonalds for some reason, I wasn't even hungry, I was still retarded. I choked down a biscuit and went home.

>> fast forward to recollections >>

    It wasn't my first trip, and wasn't the last. Between friends we all remember it well and laugh. It was a bad trip, OK, move on. "Ha Ha! I did "the naked caterpillar!" I am proud to say it and laugh about it.

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