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my first trip(sorry its a long story)

my first trip; and it was a good'n

my first mushroom trip was on May 5th, 2007.  I was inspired to try shrooms by the testimonies given by a few of my friends who had already tried them.  the opportunity came out of no where.  earlier that week a friend of mine who, as I mentioned had tripped before, told me that him and a few of my other friends were going to get some shrooms for the week end.  I was a little hesitant at first because I had only smoked weed previously, and from what I heard they were very intense.  not to mention prom was that same week end on the same day that they planned to trip.  Anyways,  I decided to join them and skip out on prom. 

all that day prior to the planned "festivities"  I was very nervious.  I arrived at my friends house at about 7:30 pm (his parents were gone for the week end).  finally by 8:00 every one had arrived,(the people tripping were me, billy, zack, dan, pascal, and nick).  a few of the people wanted to go get some cig's before we started so I just tagged along.  while we were gone those who stayed behind,(dan, pascal, and nick) ate their shrooms.  by the time we got back D, P, and N had just started to trip.  I ate my 1/8th with some peanutbutter and saltines in a sort of sandwhich form.  it was actually decent.  we were all sitting outside on the porch waiting for it to kick in.  one by one it was hitting people; every one except me.  15min passed othing. 20min passed nothing.  I didn't think it was going to work.

I wasn't really feeling anything.  then at around 30min it slowly started to come on.  I didn't really know it though since I didn't know what to expect.  I was starting become fascinated with the feel of textures.  It started with running my hand through my hair,  feeling my clothes, extremities, and my pants.  things started to swell very slowly, and very lightly.  we were getting tired of sitting outside so we went in to the living room. 

we all sat down in front of the tv because my friend had recorded some episodes of a show called "Boobah".  now, for those of you who don't know boobah is a show created by the makers of tellitubbies which airs on PBSlike anywhere from 12:00 at night to like 2 in the morning.  before that night I had never seen the show before, let alone on shrooms and neither had any of my friends.  I cannot even begin to describe the intensity of watching that show.  the color were so shiny and vibrant.  I kept seeing all kinds of patterns like plus signs with lots of bright colors as the outlining of all of them.  this was intensified by the show.(I highly recomend watching the show on shrooms).  in the show this old guy has a huge drawing pad and a pencil.  he takes the pencil and draws a pencil sharpener then he sharpens his pencil with the drawing and draws another picture.  It was fuckin crazy.  none of us could stop laughing.  after the show we walked over to the kitchen.  at this point my balance was shot. and I felt like the top half of my body was a limp piece of cloth.  the kitchen counter tops were made of granite and I put my face right against the counter.  as I got closer the counter top changed from its brownish color to a bunch of little tiny green triangles and geometric shapes.  they were all just sparkling and beautiful.

I went back to the couchand layed down.  right when I layed down I felt like my body was just melting into it; like I was become part of the couch.  I was looking at the other  side of the couch and I was breathing .  the cushions would expand then deflate continuously.  we all just kind of lounged about the house for about a half an hour  when all of a sudden the door bell rang.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life because no one knew who it was, but they all told me to answer the door since I was closest.  I slowly walked toward the door and I grabbed the knob to turn it but it wouldn't open.  the door handle just melted into my hand.  this kind of scared me so I jumped back in fear and awe at the same time.  luckily  zack opened the door for me. 

it turns out it was just one of our friends who had gone to prom earlier that night and was just stopping by to see how the trip was going.  I was so releived to see him I hugged him and kept feeling his arms and squeezing them.  every one looked like characters from an old 8 bit graphics video game.  everyones eyes looked like big black squares.  i sat down in a chair for a while and we talked about random shit.  I couldn't speak at all.  the only sound I could make were sort of these hyena laughs or like this euphoric groan.  as the others talked I watched as their faces sort of warped then unwarped then repeated. 

after a while some people wanted to go outside annd have smoke.  I started to follow them through the sliding glass door but right when I got to the door I felt compelled to put my body against the glass.  at that moment I felt like I was part of the glass door.  I felt like I was inside the glass; inbetween the two side of the door.  i just stood there leaning against the glass in complete joy. 

after a while more we watched another episode of boobah.  this episode had the old man carrying a heavy suitcase.  he couldn't lift the suitcase so he opened it up and took out all of the stuff inside.  as I t turns out all the parts inside were the necissary parts to build a car.  so he puts the car together then he puts the siutcase, now empty, into the car and drives off.  I know it sounds stupid but it was so incredibly mind blowing, and as you can image it was also very visually stimulating.  after that we all watched the end of the matrix:revolutions as we were coming down.  the mood towards the movie was not fascination but more critical and mocking than any thing else.  after that we had all pretty much stopped tripping so I went to sleep in some random room. 

I have only tripped one other time besides that one but I definately like it and can see myself  doing shrooms ocasionally for the rest of my life.

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