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Tripping In Wal-Mart

I didn't have anything to eat all day until about 6:30 when I ate as many cubes as I could.

I didn't have anything to eat all day until about 6:30 when I ate as many cubes as I could. We were supposed to just stay in my room(my friend K who was tripping and my fiance' H who was'nt). After we ate the cubes, we could'nt get K's DVD player to work. We had an idea....go to wal-mart and buy a remote for my X-box. I really really really wanted to watch Monster's Inc. on dvd while tripping. K has done LSD in public before and there was no convincing him to go inside wal mart. I went. The whole time it was very hard not to bust out laughing. Wal-Mart was like a habitat. Each area was different and distinct. The shoppers were like animals roaming around. People would look like peacocks and dinosaurs and the black people would look like birds. It was if I was in a zoo. I was watching this one guy, and he said "Is this your cart?"....Imagine if you will, being at a zoo, looking at a giraffe, and it asking you "is this your cart". "No" I said. Ok, now onto the electronics. I walked by a bunch of kids and it was so loud and inaudible. Very scary. Everyone looked so funny. I was walking on a fence of "OMG I'm tripping so hard, everything's so funny, I have to laugh, everyone looks so wierd" and "I'm in public, act straight". I thought, "I have to get the hell outta here now.....lets go to the toy section!" So we went. Every aisle was like a tunnel, different than all the other "tunnels". Ok, so then I went to the Halloween "tunnel" I coulda swore it ended and there was only one way in. So we went down the other Halloween "tunnel" and everything was dark, it felt like nighttime in a store. We walked out to the open area again and it was so bright. I'm looking around at the little kids, and they all looked dead. This one girl had a pale face, red under her eyes, and spots. She was looking at me like I was the one who killed her. Eesh. So we make our way back home. I go to the bathroom and my shorts on the floor looks like a fish. the pocket was the mouth and the little button thing was the eye and the "fish" was pulsating. We ended up just watching Spongebob and whatever else was on Tv. Reality came back very suddenly. Within just a few minutes we both went from tripping nuts to reality.

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