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thanks for the good time man

Alright then, so two days ago i wake up at 3 in the afternoon after a hard night of partying my assoff. So i wake up and hope on my computer and see whos online. I scroll down and i see my friend Kmac. So i message him and tell him about the killer time i had last night, i rub it in his face a little about how i told him to go and what not. Then we continue talking and Kmac being a very odd guy says "fine lets go get fucked up tonight then!" and comon now whos gonna turn down an offer like that so. He picks me up arite 7 we go eat dinner at beeps. Its a local food drive in in our area, one of the last all american drive ins =O. So anyways we go there grab a bite to eat and just talk about where and when we're gonna do this. Then we realize that we have no where to do it, so we call up our frend denny. We tell him that we are about to go pic up shrooms and that we're about to do it. Naturally he says that he would love too. Then he said i got an avdang over at my house and he wants in too. So then we say alright the more the merrier. So we go to the place where we pick up shrooms and then we mingle for a second just to be polite and then we're out of there. No offense but i never really did like those folk but eh w/e a hook up is a hook up. So anyways now that we're got our shit we head over to denny's house. So we get there at around 10 so then we go to his room and everyone is just standing around the ounce and a half that we have. puff puff... oh man this isnt like anything i've ever had before. It took about 15 mins to do anything. Avdang was just sitting there complaining about how he just threw money down the drain and denny was saying what a waste of time. Then it hit. All of a sudden things are moving all slow and im just like whoa. The world fades out and im just sitting there looking at this small group of friends. All of a sudden Kmac falls over because this is only the second time hes done shrooms. We all run over to check him and we find that hes still breathing so we're just like eh w/e he'll live. (bad judgement call by us, but can you blame us?). AT that point denny being a gaming nerd exclaims "THAT BIG NOOB!". avdang laughed but at that point i was phasing out again. i was just like holy shit i gotta piss, i dont even know how long it took me to get to the bathroom but it seemed like hours. i felt like i was gonna bust before i got there. So i stood in the bathroom and i took my piss, i went over to the sink to wash my hands and i looked into the mirror. All of a sudden i was looking past the mirrors i swear i saw different planets and what not. I saw aliens and UFO's it was crazy then an alien turned around and saw me so i steped back from the mirror and tried to hide but i couldnt because i was in a god damn bathroom! so i just stood there parayzed. the alien was getting closer to me just looking at me with death in its eyes. Then it pulled osme criss angel shit and steped out of the mirror and started to talk to me. it told me about how nature was the only thing untouched my man and how we should stop tearing it down or else the world would end. At that point there was a bang at the door, that flash back to reality was some scary shit so then i come out of the bathroom only to see everyone dressed and saying that we're going out. So we all pile in kmacs car and drive around. At that point he pulled over and did the worst parking job i've ever seen (hes not a good parker to begin with/he couldnt drive anymore). I said that we should go to golden gate park because of what the aliens had just told me. Unfortunately no one wanted to go so everyone just went home at that point. So kmac droped me off at home as i walked up the stairs i saw a cat run into my room so i run after it only to see it wasnt a cat. On my bed was sitting a fully grown ugly ogre. As i steped closer to it i saw that it had eyes just like kmacs at that point i just started laughing. The ogre came closer and asked me why i was laughing at it. But before i could answer it realized that it looked a lot like kmac and i couldnt help but to laugh even harder. At that point the ogre disapeared and i was left sitting there thinking about how ugly kmac is =X. I dont recall what time i went to sleep but before i went to bed i walked across my room and spit out my window. Then i looked at where my spit had landed. It had landed on Kmacs car. I guess that homo slept outside my house. but eh, after that i just went to bed laughing about how ugly kmac is.

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