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Magic Mushroom Jacket Potato


First of all ill like to say only eat magic mushrooms where its legal . . .


This is something I find quick and simple and easy to eat Mushrooms with



You will need:

1: Some Potato's - King Edwards is a good Choice . . .

2: Some Filling - Can be anything you like, I like grated Helumi Cheese with a touch of grated chedder and grated carrot . . .

3: Mushrooms Freshly Dryed . . .

3: Some Tin Foil to wrap around the Potato's . . .

4: Real Butter or Margerine . . .


Frist set your over to 180 and get ithe over preheated ready to cook

Place a baking tray in the middel shelf

Wrap your potato's in tin foil

Pop in Oven for 15 Mins

Check to see if cooked by poking a falk in it, be careful its gonna be HOT so ware oven gloves or sumthing

if not warp it again in tin foil and give it 5 more mins

Check carefully to see if its cooked remember its hot

Then cut a + in the middel of the potatos and press in all four corners in to the center of the cross to open up the potato

Drop in some Butter

then chop up your dryed musgrooms and sprinkel the mushrooms on the potato as the base, then some dried mint over the mushrooms

then Grated Carrot

Cheese on top or what ever you want inside

Grill Potato to melt cheese a bit, becarful the plate will be HOT


Sit down and enjoy your jacket potato with a nice ice cold water . . . . .


If you got your own recipe please let me know

thanks . . .

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