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1st time was fun but I want to trip harder

So earlier this summer, after deciding that a friend and I were goin to trip, I got a hold of two mint-chocolate turtles with just under an eight of mushrooms baked in each.

So earlier this summer, after deciding that a friend and I were goin to trip, I got a hold of two mint-chocolate turtles with just under an eight of mushrooms baked in each. The night we were thinking about doin it, my friend K was really pissing me off and he left to hang out with his b*tch of a girlfriend.
After the whole arguement, I sat and wondered whether or not I still wanted to consume one of the turtles. Having been at a party for a while, and knowing that myself and two buddies were leaving soon to spend the night at his house, I decided I'd take it. I ate it up at about 12:19am before we were getting ready to leave. I also had heard that it takes about half an hour before the trip started, so I knew I had that much time to get to his place. It was really tasty but a lot of chocolate to eat at once.
Since both of my other buddies, C and N, were drunk and I wasn't I was the driver, so needless to say, we were racing the clock. (although they had no idea at the time that I had ate the shrooms) On the drive home, I started to get almost a cramping feeling in my stomach. It was as if I was really really hungry or something. I felt like my stomach was caving in on itself. But I wasn't worried as I had heard this is the start of the trip. And then the body high started.
I felt like everything I was around was part of me. I felt like me fingers were part of the steering wheel and that my body was part of the leather seats. It was really awesome. Luckily, it was the only thing I noticed on the drive home, because I think I would've started to freak out if the visuals had started.
Once we got back to C's place, we all just crashed on his furniture and turned on the TV to the movie channels. Before I got too comfy (because I really just wanted to melt into his couch) I went upstairs and poured myself some orange juice, because I had heard it helps the trip, and then returned downstairs. Finally, I just settled in and let the drugs take full effect.
We were trying to decide which movie to watch, and as C and N talked, it sounded as if they were incredibly far off. All the sound entering my ears seemed to pulsate as it reached me. It was really neat but also a little annoying.
As we settled on The Butterfly Effect (I know, I know, we chose the most f-ed up movie to watch on shrooms, but oh well) the visuals really started to kick-in. First of all, I noticed that all the colors were very vibrant and sharp, and that movie is fairly dark as I remembered it. So that was neat. Next I noticed that the TV appeared as if it had 4 seperate screens with different mediums of the movie on it. On screen, the one closest to me had all the colors of the movie on it. The next one had the characters on it, the third had all the background and foreground on it, and the fourth believe it or not was a screen full of vibrations of where the sound was coming from. It was quite an amazing thing to experience.
It was at this time that I decided to reveal to my friends that I had been tripping for a while now. One of them, N, wanted to know all the details while the other, C, was just astonished that I had done it. I proceeded to let N know of everything I was experiencing and he was wishing he had done it with me. I told him how if I waved my hand in front of my face I could see, in perfect detail, a trail of my entire palm and all five fingers. Another thing I clearly noticed was that when I looked down at my body (which was covered in a blanket) it looked as if it was a body of water that was continually rippling. While this was going on, I felt as if the warm leather couch was swallowing me, and I just wanted to let it happen.
After chilling for a while, both friends passed out, but as all of you know, when shrooming, it is damn near impossible to fall asleep while still tripping. So I finished the movie. It was at this point that I really needed to pee because that orange juice had gone right through me. When I was in the bathroom, and after I peed, I decided to look in the mirror against all suggestions I had heard. It truly was the scariest part of the experience as I looked at my face. All the contours and outlines of my features were ever shifting which wasn't so bad. It was when I looked into my eyes that I got scared. It looked as if my entering being could escape through my pupils and at the same time, it looked as though I could completely fall into the soul-less-ness that was my pupils.
I couldn't take it anymore so I returned to my couch post. That's when I started to come down, but seeing as I couldn't sleep I just watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and finally fell asleep watching King Arthur.
Overall, it was a good first trip, but next time I'd like to trip more intensely, maybe an eighth and a half to a quarter. I also have heard that smoking some weed and also being nature makes it better so I plan on doing that.

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