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3rd Mushroom Trip

The mushroom and three good friends.

So after about a week in search of mushrooms, we finally found someone who told us they would get us some today, only the dosage was very sketchy. They did not know the weight, but would tell us the price for 4 doses.

It was expensive as hell, coming near 90 dollars for four people to trip, and there was no indication the weight.

The mushrooms didn't arrive until about 7:30 and though we were dissappointed at how late they came, we were still willing to stay up most of the night to take them.

We had no scale, and it looked like a good amount of shrooms. We divided them up equally, and for one of my three good friends(T), it was his first time, and he was a bit hesitant, so he didnt eat his shrooms until about 20 minutes after Me, C, and B did.

A fourth friend who we will call M, arrived to watch over us. She was taking video which I thought was ridiculous, but she was a good person to be around during the trip.

Well I felt the trip coming on in 20 minutes. In the meantime C and B rushed to the store to get some orange juice while I was alone with T and M. I stretched out a bit and took some deep breathes to try to prepare myself.

The trip came on pretty strong, and I had an immensive body load. I sat in a large chair with my muscles trembling a bit. When I closed my eyes, It felt as though I was trying to leave my body. This made me feel really nauseous. If maybe I had let go, some of the nausea would not have persisted but I failed to.

I began "tripping" over this nausea. It would not go away and it strangled up my mind.

I was having many visuals at this point. I was seeing lots of blues and lots of shimmering silver colors over the surface of things. Little black dots of fuzz were jumping around, and I looked at a picture of jessica alba, and her face was disfigured and looked very different.

The nausea was making me feel really bad, while C and B were starting to get really on my nerves running around and giggling while I felt very sick.
T was having a bad time, and this was making me feel really bad. He turned on the tv and started to watch and I could tell he was depressed, we managed to get a smile out of him, and then we all decided to for a walk to take M home (She lived around the corner).

We all stepped outside, and it seemed that as soon as I got up, the nausea left me. I realized then and after how mental this illness I felt in my stomach was. When we got outside, it was pretty eerie. The wind was blowing everywhere, and everything was breathing and swaying. There was a purple glow on this wall in the distance and every sound seemed to echo in my head.

T was too afraid of outside and could not continue the walk, so B joined him in staying at the house(so he didn't have to be alone).

Me and C walked M home and I was getting pretty annoyed of chris, and I had a popcycle that was so tasty. My spirit was lifted on this walk, but I was pretty scared of the people we saw on the way. One man and his wife, looked very sketchy and were hiding the view to their open trunk ( they had just gotten home). I had a feeling they were hiding a dead body and just tried to look away and keep walking. C was freaking out at this point also. Even M seemed to have a bad feeling about this.

We got to M's place and she gave me a hug for being a brave soul.

Me and C then continued to walk the rest of the way back to T's house. We saw a running car with it's lights on and it looked so weird at the time, but the rest of the walk, we did not speak much. I was pretty in my head, but the trip was coming down.

When we returned to the house, it was a happy experience. The rest of the night we smoked bowls and had laughs. It was a very good feelilng at the end of the night when we were coming down. We shared lots of laughs and became a lot closer.

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