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Rotten Shrooms

I ate rotten shrooms

So I decided I would go picking, I live in australia. The problem was it was about 8 days since the last rain, I usually pick after 5.

So im down the bush and I stumble across a patch, only problem is they didn't look to good, abit.. black.. and well it's hard to describe.

So I picked them, took them home, had a closer inspection and determined they were ok to eat.

So I have eaten about 8 of these things, whole basically, when I take a chunk of one... and to my horrible suprise I find these grug things in them, I freaked the fuck out!!!!! I checked the rest of them and they were in them 2!!! So right now im freaking the hell out and my stomach don't feel to good!!!!! BAD IDEA!!

 I thought about throwing it all up but I just wanted to trip..

Problem was I was worried as fuck about my stomach, this did not make for a good trip..

During the trip all I could think about was the worms inside my stomach.. it gave me a bad trip and well yeah..

thats my story..

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