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1st trip=SUCESSFUL!!

It seemed as if I was the last person in the world to shroom.

It seemed as if I was the last person in the world to shroom. I've heard stories from friends about their experiences and they've been interesting to the point where I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was all about. Last night, my time finally came......
A longtime friend of mine's got a hold of these shrooms from some connect in Amsterdam. After convincing him to sell me an 1/8 for a cheap "homeboy-discount", I scored my first 1/8. Weeks before this night, I did my research right here at shroomery.org for it is only right for me to research anything new that I do before I do it. After work that night, the homie Vic was taking me home and I decided to chew half my 1/8, which was the suggested dose for a first timer, and waited for 'em to kick in.
In about a half hour after dosing, I began to feel 'em kick in. It felt like I was rolling on some "E". I began to smile and laugh for no reason whatsoever, maybe because I knew they were kickin' in and I was in store for an experience that I won't soon forget.
I got to my place and my cousin, 4Play and his friends were on their way out while I was on my way in and asked if I wanted to go out for a couple of beers. I grinned and said, "Sure!" I didn't let them know I was shrooming until we got to the spot. They suspected something because they noticed me acting the same way i'd act when i'm on "E".
We ordered a round of beers and decided to play pool. I got to play first and they had me break. OH MAN!! Those balls were TALKING SHIT TO ME!!!! The shadows under the balls would move to whatever was playing on the jukebox. Papa Roach's "Last Resort" came on and all of the balls started talking more shit to me. Saying shit like, "C'mon you lil' bitch, you can play better than that!!!!" amongst other things. That got me a lil' mad and somehow, I started playing like a "shark" and every time I would sink a ball in, they would scream and talk more shit after I sinked them. When it came down to the final 8-ball, the 8-ball was telling me how to hit it so I can sink him and win the game. I did as it said and I won.
After playing pool, I sat at our table as our waitress served us some appetizers. All the mugs of beers on the table started looking like lava lamps. I shook my head in disbelief as I laughed at the situation. I downed some more beers to hopefully get that "psychedelic" experience but all that beer made me take a long piss. I went to the bathroom and stared at myself at the mirror. Nothing looked weird but once again, I started laughing. I went to the "john" and took a piss. My piss seemed to flow out in "slow-motion" looking very detailed. I never thought taking a piss would look so interesting and once again, I laughed at the situation.
After washing my hands and heading back to the table. I noticed this fly-looking female in the distance. I decided to go spit some game only to come to find out she was a FUCKIN' CARDBOARD CUT OUT of BRITNEY SPEARS!!!! My cousin's friend asked, "What was all that about???" I told him that I thought the life-sized cut out of Britney was real and the guy just laughed at me for hours. I didn't feel bad, I knew I was trippin' good so I laughed with him.
Two o'clock and the bar was closing. My party and I headed outside to have a cigarette before heading home. I stared at the neon lights outside and I was stuck on those for a hot minute. My Newport didn't taste this good since the last time I did "E".
About 15 minutes, I got home and everyone else knocked out but me. I talked to my girl on the phone for a bit, giving her play-by-play on my trip as it was happening. I went to the bathroom to talk and I began to play with the sink faucet. Water never looked so cool coming out that spout. LOL. After getting off the phone, I looked out my window and saw the beach. The water was looking nice. The lights at the port were looking cool, almost like a light show at a rave. I was still amped so I decided to stare at the fish tank for a while and those lil mother fuckers were talking shit to me too. Saying shit like, "Your ass don't feed us much!!!", knowing damn well those lil' mother fuckers get fed at least 4 times a day. The bottle of Henessey on the kithen counter was looking like a lava lamp and began laughing at myself. I got this nice graphical art banner on the wall which features a smoking blue skull with a dragon sitting on top. The sight of the skull freaked me out for about a second before the dragon turned into an afro with a pink pick in the 'fro. The skull began smoking a blunt too and it reminded me of the flaming skull at the "UP IN SMOKE" tour with Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem back in 2000.
Well, that's all I can remember from my 1st trip last night. I actually enjoyed the trip although I was expecting a more psychedelic experience. Next time I score some shroomz, i'm a take the whole 1/8 and hopefully I get that psychedelic experience. Until then, i'm gonna be doing what I do best, pack me a fat bowl of Chronic, light that shit, smoke that SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

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