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one small shroom

I ate a mushroom

I found a small cube maybe the size of a dime In a park while looking at other crazy fungus. I saw a white woodloving species completely
ingulfing a small stump of a tree. and red shrooms w yellow stem like a peach..So I found this little cube and made sure it was a cube and bruised it blue and Ive taken cubes from that area so, I can compare it to previous finds blah..So I ate it raw Because I`ve never eaten one raw; and I was with people that hate all fresh mushrooms for their slimyness. And  I would eat one raw to prove I dont mind Since I was saying something without first hand experience basing it on fresh button mushrooms slimyness cubes are a bit slimier . I thought it was way too small to do anything at the time.

SO, later on I was at my friends house hanging out and I started feeling funny and I was stumbling on my words a little, and my Senses felt very sharp Like his High Def seemed amazingly clear, and vision and sound especially seemed like they where very focused. After that a little while later
I felt a slight body high like I had eaten mushies, so I looked over and checked the texture on the wall., I was using to judge visuals, I was watching a movie and it was distracting so the last time I checked the wall was prob.20 min. The time I noticed a slight body feeling change. The texture on the wall was "crows foot" the kind made by dipping a thick brush in texture plaster and smushing it to the wall and pulling off to create little ridges,this is the trippiest texture i know off..so the shadows seemed real defined and It slightly shifted a little but it was so fast it was barely recognizable that your brain farted at all, like when your sober and you turn around and see a "shadowmonster"that disappears and you know it wasnt shit just a quik brain malfunction before you got your bearings..  My mind felt a little funny too like I thought things where funny when normally I wouldnt have, and I felt extreme happyness that increased and peaked and subsided.
Like I was talking to my friend about video games, about how RPG`s suck And he gets all buttsore about the subject because he likes them alot. and he said "you like Lord of the rings" and I said yeah cuz I didnt want him to get any more butt sore about  something else. And he said
"How are they supposed to make a FPS about lord of the rings?" and for some reason that was super funny and profound. I thought about how it would just be noob pownage with an automatic on guys with swords and arrows and magic twigs. Then I wanted the videogame cuz that would be cool for like 3 seconds until I got tired of the lameass bots..that was prob. the peak. I watched The rest of the movie and started to just feel like the day after you tripped. the whole incident was  2 hours with 5 hrs before I went to bed of day after "odd feeling"

 The real change was in mood since normally I never laugh at shit and am rarely happy or paying attention. It was only slightly inebriating at very small doses. If I where trapped in the woods with a primitive tribe of the clinically depressed, And i was their medicine man I`d think about giving them small amounts of mushies and then cutting them off, Just to make their depressed asses feel happy for a sec. without their minds linking it to inebriation. Like laugh therapy. weeks later I`ve found myself reentering that mind-set of being able to laugh, It seems I can enter my definition of "level 1" by laughing my ass off but the effects of that are up to a minute long with a residual happy feeling lasting the rest of the day.

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