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Second Trip

Mushies at the lake!

School was over for the summer once again, and this was the start of our tradition of shrooming on the last day.

During the day everyone was going to graduation, but me and my friend B decided to go to the lake and drink with some other friends.

There were only two people at the lake but as the night progressed many people showed up. Many were friends but there were a few sketchy people I did not know. They were much older than us, but knew one of our friends so we thought they were cool.

We ate our shrooms when dark had fallen. About 1.7 grams, and another friend, C, who had come later in the day joined us.

we were drinking some sunny D that our friend bought for us, and me and C were feeling the shrooms very fast. We were starting to giggle so we walked away from the table we were sitting at and started walking along the lake.

Everything was getting bright, the grass had never looked so green, and lights and shadows seemed so defined. I was definitely feeling FUNNY.

Me and C jumped in to his truck bed and looked up at the stars. Resting my head on the truck made me very uncomfortable because the metal hurt, but the stars were just amazing. So many stars were out and I could make constellations with my mind. I began feeling very sick so I got up and walked back to the table where our friends were at.

Unlucky for us, those sketchy people jumped someone at the lake, and the cops were being called. GREAT. So we had to leave we were on Magic Mushrooms! So we started walking in the other direction on the lake. This is when I puked, everything got very slow, and it came out, sort of a dry heave, and then out drops a little nasty sploch. I did not feel well at all, and my friend C was laughing so i was kind of pissed. B met back up with us and made me feel a little better, a long with puking I was feeling happy again. So we started walking along the lake.

At this point, C was "trippin" about the cops. Me and B were making jokes of this and said we were going to throw him in the lake if he didn't shut up. We were only joking but it was necessary at the time.

Everything I was seeing, had something very abstract about it. I could make faces with the different objects I was seeing. The Staircase had a bend that looked like a nose, trees resembled detectives and backyards just had a mythical quality to them.

I enjoyed this very much, but it was late and we needed to get home. We met up with two other shroomers who got us the shrooms. They came down to that lake, and joined in our plan to get home.

We walked through the neighborhood at 12:00 with no troubles. A little cat even followed us home.

All in all it was a very neat trip, and one of my most memorable mushroom trips.

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