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First Trip


I was really pumped the first time I purchased the said product..I had never took them before and I was pretty stoked about buying 3.5 grams worth. Well I finally reach my destination and consumed the 1/8..20 minutes later everything started to became blurry/hazy like you would be looking across the roof of a house on a hot day. My visuals were stimulating to say the least, Carpets crawled, walls rose and shrank in seconds, my friend looked as if his arms were as small as christmas tree branches. Completely crazy, but I loved every minute of it. I recommend looking in the mirror while on it because at one point I looked as if I had gills on the side of my face and the harder I tried to focus on my face the more the rest of the mirror shook the background.. this was on my peak and I was going hard. Always need a good setting..my second trip was almost bad because of the company I kept..so I warn pick your dose and surroundings accordingly. For my third trip I plan on going with 5G and doing it by myself...Hope any of this was helpful for anyone planning on trying it..definate A++ with the B+.:) Happy Tripping!

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