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My first trip, was a bad one.

I know why...

It all started on a night like most nights. My friends decided to take magic mushrooms. I was somewhat familiar with them, but I had only barely done some reading on them and was stressing the so called "bad trip". I was worried of having horrifying visuals, but i got the courage to munch them down.

One mistake, was that I was shrooming with a very large group. At least 6 other people were shrooming, and there were many other there drinking or just having a good time at my friends house. It was kind of a party, but not enough people to be called one.

I munched them, not knowing what to expect. After seeing so many people giggling, I was the only one not feeling anything. Everyone else was having a good time running around. Then it started hitting me. All I could do was giggle. I wasn't seeing anything but laughter was unavoidable.

I did not know what I was feeling or why I was feeling this way.

From there I made my second mistake, I started to drink a beer. Little did I know that my stomach would not like fungus, but to mix it with alchohol.
Oh what a mistake I had made. I ran in my friends fort and began to puke. Oh no how sick i feel, I would close my eyes and almost go in to an unconcious state.

Then the third mistake hits. I get a call from family on my phone (or at least I believe I do since I was worrying about this before the trip). Why did I not turn off my cell phone. Why!?

I sat on the floor with my head in my knees wishing for this trip to end. Though I was not hallucinating I definately did not like the feelings I was experiencing. My friend, the owner of the house entered the fort and saw me on the ground and was like "what's wrong?" I told him I puked and he asked "where is it". I said "I don't know", and he said "where did it go!? Lets find it!" He whipped out his cell phone light and began searching the ground for it. I found this very comical and it cheered me up a little, but still didn't break me from my depression.

People outside the fort realized I was having a bad trip and gave me some water. One person helped me by telling me how to induce vomit, and that helped my stomach out a lot. I began feeling a lot better After I threw up the second time. I was given water and stood around the fire as my spirits were once again revived.

I made some mistakes jumping in to a trip like that, even though it wasn't very intense.

After this I began reading a lot more and joined the shroomery, never will I have a bad trip like this again.

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