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Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata


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CAP: 1-4.5 cm diam., convex to subumbonate, lubricous to subviscid, glabrous, translucent striate at the margin, hygrophanous, orangish brown to yellowish brown, sometimes white when dry

FLESH: whitish to ocherous pale, blueing, odor farinaceous

GILLS: subadnate, brownish pale to dark brownish violaceous, uniform in color

STEM :15-90 × 1–7 mm, smooth above to floccose-scaly below, cylindric, equal, somewhat subbulbous, base sometimes hypogeous, whitish, with irregular pale ochre or violaceous tones below or pale reddish brown above, hollow, with white mycelium at the base.

VEIL: Annulus membraneous, white,evanescent

EDIBILITY: Hallucinogenic and potent

HABITAT: Gregarious, on wood or wood debris, in trails orplaces with herbaceous plants, in a deciduous forest. Ussually found near rivers in flood plains where wood has accumulated and thick vegetation has grown over the debris.

SPORES:(7–) 8–9 (–12) × (5.5–) 6–7 (–8.5) µm, rhomboid or subrhomboid in face view, subellipsoid in side view, thick walled, wall 0.8–1.5 µm thick, yellowish brown, with a broad germ pore at one end and a short appendage at the other.

Geographic Location: Not completely known at this time. Reported specimans from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia

NAME ORIGIN: From the Frequent Ovoid Both Pleuro- and Cheilocystidia

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Vol. 9, pp. 75–77 (2007)
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