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okay, so here is the report after comeing back from school, I decided to take the shrooms.

okay, so here is the report
after comeing back from school, I decided to take the shrooms. I took them and sitted on the computer to post here and chat for 10 minutes... after they passed they started to kick in and I started tripping, 10 mins after ingesting... so after 20-30 minutes more my vision was really fucked up - i couldnt focuse on things, and everything was in visions... I was doing something on the computer but not doing nothing, just clicking here and there and I can say at this point the trip was controlling me, not me the trip... as I layed on the floor, I could see my bed moving, things on the wall breathing - you know this wasent like one or two visions to have, everything was animated and was moving... i was enjoying them alot So I went to the balcony, spent some time there looking at the wonderful view - Vitosha, a mountain ... it was breathing and moving, it was... magnificent !!! when I looked at the floor of the balcony, the squares ( sorryt I dont know it in english ) started to merge in each other, WOW ! so far so FUCKING CRAZY GOOD ! i spent 3 hours in my home, with the presence of my mother and grandmother, but I didnt do things with them and I was feeling great in this sunny 4th October ! I decided to smoke some herb and went out... I rolled a spliff and went to the nearest 'park' This was like 4-4.30 hours after the first effects, i was feeling calm, still in the trip, but no more visions and hallucinations... I should have stopped there and not smoked the herb... After I smoked it and went in home again, i sat in front of the computer and I was shocked - I never felt like that We Bulgarians have a slang term ' im in a film ' when youre stoned and this was exactly like that ! I felt so many strange things, some of which scared me... cause I was reacting so slow and sooooooooooooo I was like the screen of the TV or I cant really express it but it didnt felt nice... I was mad at this moment, a complete madness, extasy, a 5 minute moment words cant express... I WAS FREAKING ! and not in a nice way... so after that I started feeling better, but very tired... at 10 PM i smoked herb again and went to bed, setting a nice restful sleep... I wanted to have a really nice dream... and the only thing I now remember from the dream was how some people I didnt know asked me what do I work ? Im 15 and I was giving some stupid answers. I was feeling tired again at the mourning, but I made some spiritual healing and now Im better... but still not that content and happy from living, as I always felt I learned lots of things, like that everyones live until the 18-19th year - till when hes mature is not worth being angry at how my parents dont let me go to clubs at the night ( till 4AM for example ) , or other such things... it is the knowledge that I will seek and stop spending so much time on stupid things... and I know I will never trip again in my home, cause at this maddness i explained after the weed smoke I was thinking that some really fucking things... Im sorry if this report is a bit confusing, but peace and love , and thanks for reading !!! Itz me, farmer ( T0aD ) peace ;P

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