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Second Trip!

What a blast!

My second ever trip on shrooms and I would rate it a level 2..still a pleasant expierence. Started the night off with taking 4Grams dried around 9:30. I hadn't eat anything all day as I was excited and wanted the best trip for my money. About 20 minutes or so after I had consumed the whole bag I started feeling..for lack of a better word.. hazy. Eyes started playing tricks, I could feel them dancing around my head. We had picked up 4 grams for a smaller fellow as well. He had taken his about 5 minutes before me, He kept saying no I aint feelin it, but I could tell he was starting to get lifted. Dude winds up freaking out and in turn crashes my trip..everyting turned a dingy orange color..I said damn I gotta jet from here and I left with my DD. By the time I got home I was peaking and tripping my balls off. No significant visuals..light like I would see my arm bend like rubber..and then I would just get the blurry then clear vision then it would look like everything was crawling or breathing in a sense. Then the cieling would swirl a bit, I have the patterned cielings in my home. I plan on tripping again next with 5Grams of golden teachers. The B+ were delightful. I'm thinking of staying home away from everyone and trying a controlled trip. I always tend to have the best trips by myself with no expectations. This always helps. I love shrooms and the things in my mind that it opens up, I hope any of this could help or entertain someone, thanks for taking the time. Sincerely, Lonnie

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