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More then I expected

setting : corvallis, OR - good friend DR & J's apartment.

setting : corvallis, OR - good friend DR & J's apartment.
people : me (t), DA, DR, J, K,JC,B, DZ and C.

The night was going really well, we had come up to
corvallis for a night of drinking, smoking, and maybe a
little shroomie action.

As soon as our hookup, K, arrived everyone but me got
their shrooms and immediatly ate them- I got about 2g
for $10.00 and decided to wait and see what the night
was going to be like before eating any fungus.

About 20 minutes later my beer arrived, we smoked
some bowls, then i decided it was the right time to eat
my shrooms. I downed my whole 2g in one mouthful (it
was one GIANT ass shroom) and drank a little orange
juice to speed up the breakdown process in my

Now take note all the others had eaten their shrooms
before me (J,DA,K) J took a 1/2 8th and was at about
the same level as me. DA took a whole 8th, and K took
an 8th and a 1/2 8th. And they were all trippin by now-

I was a little worried at the beginning because it was
clear that K was not there, he couldn't talk to us, or stop
moving. The shrooms had overtaken him and it was a
strange and somewhat creepy thing to see that he WAS

I asked J to go outside and share a cigarette with me to
releive the tension. We smoked then came inside to
email some peeps and go chill upstairs in the

The shrooms had not really kicked in unto i sat down in
my friend D's room, the body high hit me like a brick
and i was forced to lay on the floor. At this time D ( J's
girlfriend) walked in and was talking to J and I, i could
barely understand the words coming out of her mouth
and mainly just talked to josh about this giant body high
i was having. J said he was having a lot of visuals and
that these must have been good shrooms. I wasn't
seeing anything yet, and i usually don't on less then 5g
shrooms- but i was in for something else.

After J and I finished talking for a while we went
downstairs to see what was going on (it had gotten
quite loud down there). When we walked into the living
room we were greeted by a bunch of drunk people, one
of which was a friend on mine (DZ) we hung out on the
couch with the drunk people and drank beer. At this
time I started having a lot of visuals, the tapestry on the
ceiling had begun to get many pacmen type creatures
all over it moving in a circle according to the tapestry
pattern, it was a quite interesting site to see.

After getting tired of hanging out with the drunk people
K, DA and I went outside to smoke a cigarette - as we
were sitting outside smoking, our friends CR and C
arrived through the back way, CR went inside but C
decided to chill outside and smoke with us for a while.
This is where the night really picked up - C was making
tons and tons of jokes, we had a real blowgun (shoots
metal darts) and he was jumping around talking about
going back to his root and hunting stuff with the
blowgun. There was many jokes made about this and
the whole time i was in fits of laughter, to say the least it
was the most hilarious thing i had seen in a long time.
After about 30 minutes of complete hilarity we went
back inside.

Now K was acting really really weird, he WOULD NOT
stop moving and he did not look like he was having a
good time at all... I was coming down from the shrooms
and was feeling a little more sane then earlier. I was
still drunk and shrooming though so i was having a lot
of fun. JC *funny girl* was giving me mad shit about not
drinking my beer, i had sipped my whole 40oz in like 2
hours, it was pretty pathetic but funny.

As the night came to an end, most people left, K wanted
to leave but we stole his keys cause he was obiously
fucked up. We went to sleep and all was well the next

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