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Nausea and Puking

An answer from one who suffers on every shroom trip.

So heres the deal, I've had stomach problems on nearly every one of my mushroom trips, and often they have left me to make the decision of  disliking this sacred substance.

From my years of experiencing the pain or discomfort in my stomach and puking many times, I have gone through many different way of ingesting to somehow stop this from happening. What I accomplished was only a mild help.

Many will tell you that nausea is mostly in the head, and I found this out in one trip, where I was tripping bad over how my stomach hurt. When I started to think of something else, and actually stood up to go walking, the nausea almost immediately left, and I gained a clear head.

Still, the nausea is real to some degree and one can not deny that, so there are methods people from the shroomery and websites elsewhere have given me. One of these, is eating ground ginger with it. This is supposed to speed up your digestive system and make it work better when digesting fungus not meant for your insides. I found this method to work, but still there remained some gas and I could not get rid of the feeling that I had these nasty mushroom fungi laying in my stomach. However, I did not feel the need to puke once during the trip, though i still felt disgusting at times.

The next method I tried, and liked much better, was the tea method. I did not use ginger in the tea though, which might have worked a lot better now that I think about it. This method worked better than eating the ginger with the mushrooms. I had a very heavy body load, but it only lasted a little while, and most of the time I was having fun, with no sick feelings.

The tea method was best for my stomach and I reccomend it to all of those who suffer from nausea when they shroom.


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