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E. Dallas Trippn

Sorry if this is long but i wanted to explain how great my first time tripping was.

Sorry if this is long but i wanted to explain how great my first time tripping was.

It was my first time tripping and it was Me (the only girl) and 3 other guy friends of mine. IT was of course in the early afternoon we decided to trip on these hydroponic shrooms and we each took about three grams. I have never really done any thing else besides weed so i was not sure what to expect besides the obvious that i had been told. which was that this was a psychedelic drug. We chopped it up and ate it with soda. The smell, i guess nothing is better than the smell of stale cheetos. SO we took it and we decided to play video games and then smoked weed out of the bong. I assumed it would take me a while to feel it and since i didnt know what quite to expect i would know how long it was going to take before it hit.

So i decided to go to the grocery with my friend . We had the tops to her car down and we were stopped at a traffic Light and i started looking around me just like normal and i stared at the gravel. I took a double take to assure myself of what i was seeing. It was as if all the stone from the gravel were becoming waves going back and forth. And then i started noticing the sky scrapers and they were splitting and going back together. IT was crazy. I wasnt sure what to expect and because everything was so new i couldnt do anything but laugh hysterically. Also when i looked at trees and the grass they were dancing. When i finally got to the house where my friends were tripping it had only hit one of them so far. When i was staring at the ground every thing was in waves. So i realized that this was only the surface of my trip so far.

Then we all decided to go inside and watch this video and with mushroom music in the background. This is when my trip hit the hardest. With the intensity of the music and the video my mind started wondering and thinking like crazy. At one point when i was looking at the brick pillar the bricks started sliding in and out adn they were mouthing to the music. IT was Wild. I also noticed that when i went to look my jeans i could literraly see where the threads had been woven. My sight seemed to had magnified in some sense.

Especially whe the music was going on I noticed that the intensity of the thinking was deep.every thought you ever considered or questioned it was brought up. In a way it was like hypnosis you could channel through different areas and levels of your mind. You could literally take trips down memory lane through childhood. I also couldnt speak i could not get my self to talk and when i did talk i was thinking my thoughts out loud and random. The thinking level is intense and it can be scary. I was at first frightened at some of my personal thoughts and when i reminded my self that i was tripping it was alittle at ease but not enough.

Then my friends and I decided that we needed a break from the music and we needed to smoke some more weed. So we went upstairs to smoke in the bong room. As we were smoking i looked out the window and the trees were swaying back and forth (no wind). And since the room was dark and the black light was on i looked around me and everything looked like i was in a cartoon. I honestly felt like i was in an episode of the movie Beetlejuice. When i looked at one of my friends who wasnt tripping her hair was Bright Yellow, she had Huge Teeth and her eyes looked like she had just got up from the dead. it was freaky but funny. Just sitting in the bong room looking at my surrounding i was in a hysterical fit. I literally could not stop laughing. Even when i was looking at my friend all i could see was his hat bobbing in the air and his teeth talking away. his face had been blended in and couldnt see it at all.

I couldnt laugh any louder i decided i needed to take a breather. So i went outside with my friends for a walk didnt make it very far. As i was walking everything had a yellowish hue to it (couldve been because it was evening time) And as i was walking i knew what everything looked like but i couldnt seem to picture it the way its suppose to look. the paneling of the house started to wave up and down.

It was finally about 9 or ten at night and everything started looking normal again. I had started my trip mid afternoon and it lasted till ten.

As interesting and unusual as my trip was, the only part i didnt like was the intensity of thinking. its pretty much a reality check of it own and makes you see perpectives of your life in various manners. OF course if you able to control it thats great. This was one of the greatest adventures as i would like to call it.I never laughed so hard in my life like i did when i was tripping.

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