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1st Trip

1st time

Hey guys, this all started about 3 years ago when i was 21.

we just finished a rave in camden palace. uk. called peachy ravers what was pure class lol anyway in the moring now after the rave 6am, i deciced with my friends we would get some mushrooms from down the road in camden market where thay was selling them over the counter, to my amazment there was about 6 diffrent straines, the ones we picked of course was the thai one, yummy yummy theses things looked like crap, all blub brusing and slimey as thay can only sell them wet due to the law, to my antisipation we all hurred to my friends house to start tripping. two of my friends had pills and me and my other friend munched theses shrooms, 30 grams in a box so we split it like the woman said, errrrr the taste of theses things was horrible, it was hard to keep them down lol heaving with every bite lol i didnt want to have any sweet drinks to wash it down due to im told it brakes down the pyclobin (sorry for any spelling mistakes) anyway 15 mins passed by and nothing really yet , as we are talking about the nights rave i can start feeling it creep in and up my legs, 25 mins or so goes pass now and i can feel the buzz from the mushrooms. 45 mins goes passed and me and my friend start to see the walls breathing, it was soo cool, then i was looking at my friends dvd shelf and all i can see is each individal dvd going back and forth, it was soo cool, as me and my friend are looking in each others faces tripping and laughting our nutts off lol and i could sware my friends face turned in to rubber lol. my two other friends are all sitting there with there backs all crunched up from where there on the X and thay looked horrible on that crap all jaw clenching and everything. for a moment me and my friend who had the mushrooms both of us sware down that at the same time it looked like my friend had blood coming out this noes for a split secound, we both saw the same thing, anyway abit more time gose by and im looking at my friends scarface poster, the one where tony montana (al pachino) is sitting in some swivel chair, and i sware he was coming out the picture, it kept looking like he was turing towards me on his chaire, it was so friking amazing it was real live 3d lol as some more time and laughing goses by I sware i felt very religos and remeber thinking and saying i understard religion and i know there is a god, i felt at one with god and with nature, i felt like i was in a cottan ball, i could feel this egg shell cotton ball I was in (David Icke) talks about this egg shell we are minipulated in to what i could feel around me. it was amazing and so very peaceful. There was another poster i was looking at this was so cool, it was a picture of a car and this picture was crazy, the corners of the pictures was fizzing like coke in to the walls then the other corner of the poster was fizzing and blending in to the wall like someone poring coke on the floor and the fizz dissaping in to the floor but in this case it was the corners of the posters, 1st one corner then anoher coner and with was doing it for what seemed 20 mins or so. also i was looking at the floor tiles in my frined kitching, it looked like that scean from terminator 2 when the t1000 is coming out the checkerd floor just before the lift scean, but the crazises thing is that i was controling it, at one point i was controling it going up and down, also the candel sticks where swaying about. also the sound of music was amazing. i know why thay call it tripping, the next day when i woke uo i felt brillinant and so very refreshed and has that same feeling of when you just come back from holiday for 2 weeks and when you wake up in bed 1st days and know and feel you been somewhere diffrent, you been off a trip hehe


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