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Be careful who you're with.

I'd like to warn all trippers to be careful who they are around when they take the plunge.

It is stressed to have a good set and setting, but i believe people are equally important to the direction of a trip.

That is to say, make sure you have no negative Nancys to bring you down, or an angry person to get you scared, or someone you don't really trust is definitely a no no.

Why I bring this up, is because recently, I tripped with a sober friend, who was very spiritual and it took my trip in the right direction. If I would have been on more hits, it would definitely have been very spiritual. I mentioned how I felt like meditating and this friend of mine was totally down for it. We went for a walk and he kept quiet at all the right times. It was truly a great experience, I don't know anyone I would rather be around tripping.

I have had many trips, that I have considered not quite enjoyable by the end of the night. The reason is that i get angered by these people. I see through them, and they can be assholes saying things that confuse me (not on purpose) but they just do not understand how the mind works when tripping. I see through their selfish desires. The wall they hide themselves behind, who they are is not who they need to be. This upsets me, and sends me in to depression often.

Be sure to find some people who can understand what it means to trip, and be sure they understand your intentions, and you theirs.

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