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Tea Is Good

I like Tea

So it was the last day of school, and as a tradition, my friends and I all decided to shroom. I had been getting sick from shrooming nearly every time, so i decided to make tea for comfort of the stomach.

We Started off with 3.5 grams in a tea we were going to split three ways. But later on while we were making it, I made my friend throw in another handful making for about 2 grams each approxamitely. When the tea was finished we drank it up, I wasn't expecting a very strong trip, because I have some emotional troubles often when i shroom.

The tea began working almost immediately. I felt a light buzz in my head and my body had that feeling of energy rushing through it. At about 20 minutes, things began to get funny, and a few friends who had chomped there  shrooms earlier were already feeling them. I don't remember much of the trip, but i know I wasn't getting many visuals, just a major mind fuck like always. Confusion was in my head and my body load was still incredibly strong. I would just put my head on my legs trying to get enough energy to walk around.

As the trip grew stronger, things began shifting and growing. Faces are what i can distinguish most when I am tripping. Mouths and noses take on the most "different" forms and they are almost hysterical. I notice that features are what I "trip" off most visually.

A few people walked in to my friends house to buy some shrooms and I was very sketched out as I could tell others were. These people had the weirdest features and were almost scary. When they left i felt a great wave of relief and my buddy walked up to me and said something like "You're one of the good ones, aren't you?" I smiled, it was his first time shrooming and I was like "yes, I've got the good vibes don't worry".

I began seeing purple and green all over my friends house, not unlike the colors I see in many of my LSD trips. These colors seemed a bit dull but flashed through the window blinds. It was way too hot to go outside for longer than 5 minutes or so, but when I did, the plants and yard seemed to glow in green and purple, it was the theme of everything in nature.

This trip left very quickly, and near the end we all sat down and watched TV and began cracking up at our president giving a speech. It just seemed so ridiculous at the time and probably truly was.

All in all, tea is my preferred method because of the intensity and the amount of time it lasts(which is quite short, the trip only lasted about 3-4 hours).

I would prefer tea over any other method of consuming magic mushrooms.

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