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Best Fruit Smoothie ever.

well, that I've ever had at least.

    -Frozen Fruit
   - Fresh Fruit
    -Orange Juice
    -Apple Juice  (not too much, flavor enhancer)
    -Yogurt (thickener)
    -Ice (only if you don't have frozen fruit or you want to increase your volume, however, it will dilute the mix pretty fast)

Any variation of those ingredients with a couple grams of cubies will be great

\            @             /
 \    O &O&@ O   /        <--Frozen/Fresh Fruit
  \   &@&O&       /
   \ ---------------  /    <-- Orange Juice
    \     O@&O   /
     \     @&O    /
      \ _______/     <--Apple Juice
       \    &&O   /     
    =Blend Pro=

I recommend pulpy orange juice to mask the shroom particles. There's an orange juice that comes from Central Market (H-E-B variant) which has tons of pulp that is the best orange juice I've ever tasted. Expensive, but worth it. You'll find it in the fruit section under a mountain of ice to keep it fresh because the shelf life is just a few weeks anyway.

For dry mushrooms, use a coffee grinder then add to the mix, otherwise just throw fresh ones in the blender.

If you're going out to buy a blender after reading this, get one with a spicket! Much easier than tapping it out Jamba Juice style.

( I advise against the addition of ice cream for several reasons: 1. gets too sweet, 2. too thick, 3. more likely to upset a stomach, 4. starts to lean more toward the milkshake category )

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