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Coopers Rock!

First I would like to give a shoutout to my main man the mushroom.

First I would like to give a shoutout to my main man the mushroom. Dude, without you I think I would just be another one of these mindless fucks too caught up in thier own lives to realize that they are part of something greater and they should act more responsibly towards that which gives them life. Anyway, here goes. Me and six of my friends got ahold of enough magic to get us all an 1/8. I always stress eating nothing unless you've seen it grown but being in college I was not a position to be picky so this bag had been the same stuff that was going around town supposedly from Arizona. Well, I had eaten them once before and I knew how bad they tasted (way worse than any homegrown I had ever had) so I decided to make milkshakes out of them. Bad idea. So we all headed out of old Morgantown and headed out to coopers rock, milkshakes in hand. We all started downing our shakes except those who were driving and I found out the only advantage to drinking shroomshakes. As I suspected, they kicked in real fast. We were headed down the road, and in the car with me were two first timers sitting in the back seat. One (we'll call him A) had chugged his and the other (J) was very slowly and painfully trying to force his down. I remember sending A into histerical laughing fits by quickly turning around and making faces at him and saying his name in wierd voices. So we eventually arrived at coopers and there was a huge harley davidson convention chillin in the parking lot. Not cool. First of all it is appalling that there are bikers at a place like coopers but to run into them when we were all starting to trip was a little wierd. Well we walked right past the noisey freak show on to the overlook. For those of you not lucky enough to have been to coopers rock I should probably explain what it is. It is a park about 10 miles outside of Morgantown WV on I68 that has one of the most beautiful overlooks in history. I have been to the grand canyon and many other awe inspiring places and this one is up there with them. But it is not just an overlook. There are a couple of pavilions (which the noisy freak show had taken over) and many hiking trails on the side of the mountain. On these trails there are many picture perfect sights of huge boulders, caves, and amazing floura. Well, we all came to the rock hard conclusion that we were trippin when we stepped out onto the overlook. Man what a sight. As the rest of you trippers know, there are no words so I won't try. We chilled there for a while and took some pictures until other people came to the overlook so we decided to jet. We headed down to the trails. We made our way down to a secluded spot where I decided I wasn't feeling well and threw up for a few minutes. I never throw up off shrooms except this time and the last time (I'm guessing it is the shit I've been gettin down here). As soon as I was done I felt great. I actually had one of the strongest hallucinations I've ever had afterwards. I was sitting down looking down the hill into the valley and all the trees in front of me started to warp. It looked like the entire mountain was breathing. I'm thinking that maybe its always like that but I just can't see it most of the time. It looked just like that one scene in lord of the rings where the hobbits had just found some mushrooms (all you shroomers remember that part) and Froto looked down the path and its started to bend right before the black rider came down it. That is almost exactly what it looked like except it did it repeatedly like breathing. Well I went back down with my friends to find out that J had just now finished the milkshake that he had been laboring over and just in time to throw up. We then chilled on the rocks for a while. All the while I kept realizing how ape-like we all are. I started listening to tool on my disk man. It was fuckin awesome. I recommend every serious tripper to listen to tool a lot and then listen to them while trippin. If you aren't familiar it might scare you. So anyway we spent the rest of the day hiking around the side of the mountain, chillin on rocks, and being one with nature. It was amazing. As with any trip there is so much more that I could tell you, like the bad ass realationship that I felt between all living things, or how I learned the true meaning behind hallucinating but I think that I have written enough already. But I will tell you that at one point I was sitting on a big rock throwing sticks and stuff over the edge and watching the trails. At that moment I remembered that I had read a trip report years back when I lived in Virgina of a dude and his friends trippin a coopers rock throwing rocks and sticks over the edge of the rock and watching the trails. Pretty wierd huh? Ok thats it I'm done now. All I have left for you are pearls, and they are; don't make shroom shakes, go to coopers rock (sober or trippin), listen to tool (same), drink sunny D while trippin, never litter, try your best to clean up the other dirty monkeys' trash, and see with your mind not your eyes.

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