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i don't know

i was like tryin to jack off, but like i couldnt.

i was like tryin to jack off, but like i couldnt. my dick morphed into some sort of animal and i couldn't feel it anymore. i decided to stop doing that, so i went back into my room and i sat down, but the walls were turning on me so i decided to try and cut the grass that had grown out of my carpet. i ended up cutting my leg, and it now is still healing. i didn't feel the pain, and when i saw my blood i thought i wasnt really there, but it was and i lost alot of blood. but i turned on my tv and watched the trippiest show ever: Spongebob Squarepants. it was off the wall. it was so insane i like couldnt think straight and shit. so i started talking to myself about the Armenian Genocide and my mom walked in and saw me bleeding. she eventually figured out i was under the influence of some drug, and now i am in deep shit for the rest of my life. fucking a.

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