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great advice for a good time

the first of my experiences with shrooms

Take small amounts your first time !!!

 This is the best advice I can give new trippers. I'm a new tripper myself and what I've learned over the past month about shrooms has helped me enjoy them much more.

I've been smoking alot of pot and drinking very moderately for the last four or so years. That's it, I've never done any other drugs.  I'm 20 now, and I've just started doing shrooms. I think most of the problems people experience during a bad trip are caused by taking too large of a dose or underestimating the power of magic mushrooms. This shit isn't a toy by any means and care must be given to avoid a bad time. I've come to realize that bad trips can be avoided altogether with a little preperation.

About three weeks ago my Friend  N  got a hold of some shrooms. He's done shrooms and other psychadellics before, and he knows what he's doing and how to do them responsibly. This is why I chose to trip my first time with him. I was really excited and nervous when it came down to game time. We were at his house because his family was gone for the week and it was the safest coolest place possible. We split half an eighth because we couldn't get a hold of any more. With the shrooms stuffed into some small penut butter sandwhiches we were on our way. Niether one of us had eaten all day and it was about 3 pm.

 About half an hour after eating them we both started to feel a headrush. Then came a pretty awesome body high, we both felt great and the mood of the trip was completely positive. We went outside on his deck to smoke a cigarette and listen to his neighbors babble on about nothing. I remember when I started really feeling them come on I was looking at the end of my burning cigarette. I couldn't stop looking at it. It wasn't moving or anything wierd, It was just so sharply in focus, like i was looking at it through the lens of a 200 megapixel camera. N got my attention and I snapped out of it. We both started laughing because we realized i was trying to tell a story when the cig stole my attention. We went back inside after that to sit on the couches and listen to some music from his laptop.

Soon the walls started bending and any kind of straight-edge or 90 degree angle in the room was visably moving. Repeating patterns would move around and when I focused on objects they would move around slightly. The macintosh laptop that was on the table looked like it was stretching around and then shrinking. I was amazed by all that I was seeing, it put me in the best mood possible. Watching things in the room change was the most pleasent thing I'd ever experienced. It was simply awesome.  At the peak of the trip I remember looking at a group of three picture frames on the wall that were next to eachother. The wall paper inbetween them was flowing like a river but they were staying still. We went to check out the crazy repeating patterns and shapes on the walls in his bathroom. It felt like I was looking at a 3D picture book, the kind where you have to cross your eyes to see a hidden picture, but all the shapes were popping out. The wood doors looked like they were gently flowing rivers.

I felt like I understood everything in the world. It all made sense. The almost severe anxiety that I personally experience on a regular basis everyday was gone. I'm always anxious and I don't know why, but the mushrooms made it all dissapear. I felt   PERFECT.  I stopped worrying about college, and started thinking about how lucky I am to even live here in a rich area of michigan. I have a good job and a good family and great friends and that's all that mattered to me. After the shrooms wore off we smoked a bowl and watched some TV and fell asleep on the couches in the living room.

The most important thing about my first trip, and also the second time I did shrooms is that I did low doses. This may sound lame but when you do it this way it will help you understand what's happening to your mind if and when you decide to really trip some fucking balls someday. If mushrooms interest you but you're intimidated at first, take a small amount. I promise you if you do it right in a safe place with someone you trust you'll have a great time. I've researched shrooms for about 6 months straight all on this website before I ever tried them. I understand sometimes wierd shit just happens,  but for the most party I beleive almost every bad trip comes from people being dickheads. Don't do shrooms in crowded areas, don't do them and then go driving, and if you're going to mix them with other drugs be fucking careful that you understand the shit you're getting yourself into. Don't just grab a handful of shrooms and eat them because your friend said they're fun as hell. They will fuck you up if you misuse them. so dont  =) Use them responsibly and have a kickass time instead.

I'm also going to write a report about doing shrooms last week for the third time with N and another friend last week. It should end up on the list right around this one.

-thanks for reading have fun and be safe!

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