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Alone in my room

To start this off i wanna say my name is Pat and this is my second report ive sent in.

To start this off i wanna say my name is Pat and this is my second report ive sent in.

But i ingested at eh...9ish (PM) and just waited like 45 minutes until i really started feeling them. And i was in my basement chillin by myself because i was grounded because i was suspended for a pipe.

But im chillin in my basement listening to some Phish, walking around enjoying myself trippin in my basement kinda, but not hard yet. But i was feeling great, just groovin around. Once it became like 10:30 i wanted to go other places.

So i took a nice long walk to my room, doing various things on the way. Like getting something to drink and yet but never ate or drank either of them. But once i got in my room i was playing my PS2 (Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3) and since i love skateboarding, i loved that game trippin, i cant describe it in great detail but to be vauge (sp?) it was awesome and very colorful. It seemed like he was moving 100 miles per hour, i completely forgot how to do tricks and i was just riding around the levels, but i was trippin so i enjoyed it.

After that i turned on phish in my room playing it a lot louder than i should have knowing i have 3 brothers all 3 and under in the room across the hall but i never got yelled at or anything luckily, and i just layed on my bed thinking about life and that i was having so much fun for being by myself. And i just start looking at my mural on my wall (its like a jungle with birds and a cool looking pond) and that was moving around with plenty of action and birds flying around. And then i realized i had a fish tank next to that and i look at it but everything is unplugged and i was just like pretty much tourchering the fish with no light or heat for 3 weeks, i thought they were dead which disappointed me deeply.

so i just look straight not concentrating on anything and out of nowhere a little screw driver flys around my room and stops right in front of my face and is floating and spinning. I was pretty sure it wasnt real but i still had to try and grab it so i did and it dissappeared and turned into other stuff but i cant remember that stuff.

After that i do remember seeing Kermit the frog walk across my chest. THis made me happier then ever and i smiled so big and waved and he turned and waved back and continued to the other side of my chest and vasnished in my sheets.

I know wanted to be in a different position so i rolled over onto my chest, with my head up on my pillow. Looking straight ahead at my head board there are all these lines that just pretty much squiggle all over. But at first all they did was shake and move around, but then it got really detailed and it turned into graphitti, like 3 or 4 different words were formed (dont recall what they were) but then it spelled out my name P-A-T in a really cool looking way and i stared at that for some length of time.

I then start looking at my big comforter thing on my bed, it is white or off whiteish and it was all bumped up and wavy and then they stretched up really high and got higher and higher. They then formed into these great big mountains which just seemed to keep on growing and growing, this is another thing i just watched for a long time. Bringing enjoyment to me they started to lower, relaxing me a little, and then they started waving which made me real calm and I felt as if i were rocking back and forth.

After that point i remember nothing and my guess is i fell asleep or something...

I'll admit this "report" isnt good but i just felt like sharing with you...

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