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4th dimension

whel it started out as anyother day going to school blah blah blah and we were planning on doing shrooms for a while.

whel it started out as anyother day going to school blah blah blah and we were planning on doing shrooms for a while. we have tried to get them but they never come through. but we found a steady dealer. (thank god!!) whel anyway we were splitting an 8th for three people we took a hike and all three of us took 3 high potentsy stems going up when we got to the top i was fieling kinda like i was on dxm .. not spectacular but pretty good feeling
when we got down some friends were at the house and i got a stem from one of them and ate that. then we went up to my friends room to hang out and listen to pink floyd.
then i started to feel the effects. first i looked at my friends bed and her sheets were supposed to look like flowers but all the flowers turned into wind and there were black spots that turned into feet and arms and stuff like there was a huge tornado and there were people in it
then i was looking at this thing that is a spinning string thats really trippy.. and it turned into two little sircular mint things and started going up and down like the river dance.. then we asked ourselves why we were inside on such a nice day so we went outside.
when i was outside we went to a stone wall and hung out there it was right next to the brook and the sound of the water was turning into music.. and i smoked a clove cigg and it was the first/best/only ciffaret i have ever had in my whole life the smoke was turning into people and the taste was like pears apples and a mildshake all together... call me insane but thats what it tasted like...
my friend was in this tunnel that water went through chasing non existant frogs. i went out to the little field place and i thought one of my firneds was crying but they were really itching their eyes wich was really wierd...
i started noticing the body effects because there werent too many visuals and sat there under a tree eating my chips i also realized that i hadnt eaten anything the whole day except for... SHROOMS. then my brain went into a loop i was thinking "i havent eaten anything but shrooms the whole day" over and over again. and it was really starting to piss me off but i couldnt controll it. i then noticed there were many dimensions to the brain and that you can think a whole bunch of things at the same time and the brain is actually the 4th dimension. and to find that fourth dimension you would need to go into your mind wich is impossible so other dimesnions exist but we are just not powerfull enough to go to the next dimension.
then we got up and went back into my friends room. my friend bought another 8th for 10 bucks and gave some out to everyone and the good thing waws they were dried so they crumbeled up in the bag and he gave me the rest of the bag even though he also gave alot before.
then we went out side and sat in the rain.. the rain was the most beautiful thing in the world .. it was just like some foreign forse giving us the actual foundation of all life and i thought about that.
then we went to a barn and watched the rain fall off the roof. i was looking up with my mouth full for a long time.... without the water coming into itbut then suddenly a tiny drop of water fell into my mouth and my mouth was totally full! i dont know how it happened so i just spit it out and didnt think about it.
then we spent a few hours on this concrete foundation for an old house and ate some pizza and smoked a joint the trip was pretty much over.. then we smoked more and the trip came back and we watched fear and loathing in las vegas and all ate a huge thing of ice cream.. we each had one container of ben and jerrys... then my friends mom picked us up and we went home... certainly a good experience

"gods fetus blender isnt very pretty"


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