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Drying out mushrooms

Have you got ducted heating?

This is the method that I use to dry out my shrooms. Its easy, most times concealed and all you need is some paper, some sort of paperweight and ducted heating in your house (or a friends).

Get your shrooms and put them on an A4 piece of paper. Get another piece of paper, and put that over the top like a sandwhich. Now, get something like a coke can, ash tray or any sort of paperweight. Put the shrooms in the paper on top of the ducted heating vent and use your paperweight on the sides of the paper to prevent it from moving. Black paper would be better than white paper, as black transfers heat better than white does. If you have more shrooms than fits on the page, just take advantage of the other vents in your house.

Now leave it there for a few hours, depending how moist your shrooms were to begin with. Keep going back and checking every hour or so to see if they are cracker dry. No moisture at all, so they pretty much snap if you bend them. Then you can use the other methods on this page to store them for a long period of time.

Hopethis was usefull, Happy tripping. :)

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