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Damn black Cowboys

decent trip

It was a monday , my band and I had just finished a night of recording in the studio so I decided I would treat myself and my girlfriend (L) to some of my freshly grown shrooms. I got back to my apartment and split up the pile i had..im not sure how much it was weight wise..but they were pretty big and we each had a decent pile. We started digging in..that's when i remembered i hated the taste of them wet so i grabbed some coke to help it down. After i swallowed my last big shroom we lit up a ciggerette threw on the trip lights and put on some pink floyd. We sat on the couch for like 5 minutes..i reached down to put out my cig and thats when i noticed my cat walking by us. For some reason i couldnt stop staring at her..just the way she moved was weird.thats when i started feeling that nasty stomache shit you go through when u eat a good amount of wet shrooms or ..dry..well i dont know i feel worse eating them wet..anyywayy.. I layed back and told myself "Yeah im definitely going to trip balls". I asked my girlfreind if how she was feeling and she said she was feeling fine......but there i am sitting there sweating, my necks burning up and my heart is just insane definitely felt like i wanted to puke everywhere..but im pretty good at controlling myself and keeping cool..so i sat back enjoyed the music and in what seemed like 5 seconds i find myself staring at my floor trying to read what it was saying. L and i both saw this huge mural on my carpet and i was trying to make out if it said something but i was unsuccesful..my stomache calmed down and i was feeling great i got up and lit another cigg..but L was going through what i was going through just 5 minutes ago so she was down for a while...i got up and walked to the computer to put on another song...i felt like i had grew about 5 feet..everything was so fucking small..and i was so fucking big..my computer started to seem like it was so far away even though i was like a foot away from the screen..i went back to the couch to keep L company and enjoy some more music. I sat down and looked at the time.. it had only been 15 minutes and i was already pretty fucked up. I just couldnt wait for it to peak

L started feeling better so we went into our room to play with Hubert Cumberdale ( Our rainbow Boa Constrictor) The colors he was radiating were insane..He was the coolest fucking thing i have ever touched..the feeling of it slithering through your hand is one of the greatest feelings while your tripping. L wanted to hold him so i gave the snake to her and started walkin around the room..i didnt understand why i felt like i was 10 feet tall and took up half the room..it just felt so strange walking. i loved it. I continued my walk then stood still and let myself sway around all loose and weightless..i looked over at L and she was shaking and twitching insanely like some crazy malfunctioning robot and started breathing really heavy. I got scared so we put the snake back and i walked her to the couch..supposedly  she was really close to passing out..and she now felt kinda sick again..i felt bad but i was starting to get really confused she was all blah but i felt amazing and was starting to trip really hard..trying to focus on things was nearly impossible so.. i sat down with her again and things were really quiet..which made me worry..i wanted to do something for her but i had no idea what i could do..i would have  to just wait it out. i was looking at the tv and realized the air and space between me and the tv  had all different dimensions and a crazy spinning tunnel leading to the tv well thats the best way i can explain it..the plain closest to me was filled with spinning 3 dimensional Indian-like skulls..the plain behind that just had X's and more X's which would expand and retractinf forming some crazy chainlink fence looking crap...but then in the tunnel were these fucking weird invisible lines..like in that movie donny darko, that shit that went out of people bodies leading them to where they were going to go..and around the tunnel i would see stick figure like people dancing around..i snapped back into reality realizing i had been spacing out, losing myself. and wanting to stay sane i stood up and got us another cigg...I didnt have a lighter so i had to journey into the kitchen to light it off the electric stove..which takes forever. L attempte to stand with me and we went to the kitchen and turned on the stove..She was telling me that she felt really really weak and still felt like shit "you're the expert with this, what am i supposed to do" she asked me, but i had no clue what to tell her..i'v never felt weak or horrible on shrooms so i had no idea what to tell her..but after standing for a while we decided to go for a walk to get out for a little. We went outside started walking and laughing about stupid shit..talking about how the visuals were. We walked by some lady with a dog and we just had to stop and pet it..we talked to lady for a minute then walked away..when we were out of earchot we just cracked up "she has nooo idea" we said to eachother.. we walked past a playground..the gravel was crazy looking i wanted to somehow swim in it or something..i just had to urge to like sink into the ground or morph into a wall or something. The outside was awesome when your eyes try to adjust to pure darkness the fucking colors are AMAZING. EVERYthing was outlined in like matrix code only rainbow colored everything was just great i felt so good. We finished our walk and went inside..for some reason i remember us talking about asians..and how theyre so damn good at everything..and we laughed about the extremely vague conversation we had with our friends the night the 4 of us OD'd on E pills back in our " darker days"..i could barely remember it but the 4 of us were sitting in a circle..the conversation supposedly went something like " yooo broo..fruitty pebbles ma..yeahh broo..pass the straws..dude.." and ended with something about sodemy..basically we were all sitting there just saying random words..yet somehow we thought we were having a conversation.... we laughed about that for a while..then got more deep saying how its funny..but.. we're all fucking lucky as hell we diudnt fucking die..i thought back and rememberd all the crazy seizures i had.. and it was a bad time to think about that in the state i was in..and it made me start thinking depressed thoughts. I wanted to stop so we got yet another cigg and continued our trip

I decided it was time to throw on the tv..at this point i was definitely peaking everything was fucking insane everything trailed i was seeing double or triple of everything and i wanted to just laugh my ass off.. we threw on some aqua teen hunger force [adult swim]  is THE SHIT to watch while tripping if you want to laugh the randomness is just amazing.  L  lied down on me and we watched for a while. i laughed at everything..nothing would be happening and i would be laughing , i was deffintely close to going insane.. a few times i thought i was going to pass out it felt like my brain was short circuiting..when i realized L wasnt laughing i asked what was wrong..and once again she felt horrible her whole body was in pain..she could barely move and her trip just went downhill..that made me feel like shit because there was nothing i could do..and now i was on my own..i went into the kitchen to light another cigg..i turned on the stove and stared at it..it was moving all over the place along with all these crazy particle things flying around..for some reason when i saw the red of the stove my back strted to feel really hot..like it was heating up with the stove..i lit the cigg and looked at it..and i could taste heat and ash in my mouth..my whole body was confused..and i found myself standing in my black light lit kitchen with my hands open like i was some kind of magical being..2 crazy neon green and purple whirl pools formed in my hands and everything just looked so awesome. I sucked down the cigg in like 5 seconds and went to the bathroom. i was looking in the bathtub and i felt an out of body type of feeling because i was looking at myself, looking at myself in the bathtub.. like there was a whole other bathroom in my bathtub and in THAT bathtub was another bathroom...and i could see myself staring into it..it was the craziest thing iv ever seen.. i needed to sit down so i did..i looked over to the bathroom...and the oh so familar character i see everytime i trip was right there next to me..for some reason everytime i trip pretty hard i always have a black cowboy lookin figure either floating over me..or in the walls or lurking in the dark but he's always there. only this time he had more features and he was sitting on the bathtub moving around like i was. i had to have been staring at him for a half our before i could make out what he looked like...he had like a black wife beater on with a black cowboy hat and i thought it was cool as hell..i just sat and stared but then he stopped moving and stared back...that freaked me out so i decided it was time to leave. i got back to the couch and L was watching batman ( the movie) she gave me a look and asked what the hell iv been doing for the past hour..i didnt even realize i was in the bathroom that long..i sat down and tryed to watch batman..it was just way to fucking confusing..jack nicholson's face was just bugging me out..with that weird creepy ass smile..he's just a weird guy..Gotham city is just so dark and trippy looking..even when your not tripping while your watching it..it was just so dark..and i ended up getting into it..even thoi couldnt really concentrate on what was happening..after batman we decided to go to sleep..i was still kinda trippin but it was definitely not as intense..but still for some reason i felt haunted by that damn cowboy..i have no idea why i also see that cowboy or why i like the whole "badass cowboy theme while im trippin"  I guess its cause L is a cowgirl..she kinda got me into the whole thing..and gave me a tripping ghost character..thing..that i can always expect to see while im tripping

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