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the perfect night

On the night of February 20th, i experienced my most enlightening and euphoric trip to date.

On the night of February 20th, i experienced my most enlightening and euphoric trip to date. It all started when my friend Mike called me and said he was getting some shrooms for the night, as i immediately left my virginia home and headed out to maryland. (where these friends live) Before i left i had scored some extra money from my mom who was in an unusually good mood, which gave my concious ease. At around 10 o clock, the four of us, me, ray, mike, and cullen sat down with homemade peanut butter, jelly, and shroom sandwiches and immediately began to consume approximately 3 grams a peice of psilocybin dried shrooms. Every one was just in such a good mood for no reason really, the vibes were just flowing. We soon realized after ingestion taht none of ray's roomates were home and we had the house all to ourselves! This made the night even better! Come 11 o clock, everyone in the group has begun to trip and we all started laughing like crazy and enjoying the out of season warmth this parcicular february night offered. This was Cullen's first trip, which made me extra excited as it always does when a new person opens their mind to shrooms for the first time. After awhile, we all began to trip hard and went our separate ways, as it always ends up, and i found myself wandering downstairs. Ray had put on Jimmy Eat World's clarity (possibly the best cd ever) and being so fucked up, left and went elsewhere. I came downstairs to the very beginning of the cd, filling the room with melodic sounds with a chair directly in front of the stereo, as if being called upon to sit down and embark on this musical journey. For the next 30 minutes, i remained parked on that chair, completely in awe of everything around me, with the music as the soundtrack. IT was the most intense thing i've ever experienced, i can't describe it. So after some musical enlightment, i ventured off to find my friends and converse a little bit. I went upstairs to find a dishelved mike in an awkward position, starting at a wall, completely distraught from reality. I went outside to find ray and cullen inside rays car, just sitting there. Back downstairs, all of us together rejoicing in our happiness began to talk and say the most rediculous things imaginable. here are a few:
"that bench was tight" -mike
"who ate my ear" -mike
"it feels like i'm a pirate.....................dying." -ray
"where did my cigarette go? i'm a magician!" -mike
"that would be tight if i had a carpet"-etay
etay:it feels so good to breathe.
ray: i wish i could breathe.
Goonieclg: who did you guys get it from?
soy lens flare: a peanut butter sandwich
soy lens flare: with jelly!
do you like me? check one.
"thats my brains problem now."
"park it in the mail. 25 cents ago."
"don't burp too much or you'll throw up, i learned that from yawning."
ray: whoa he took his shoes off!
etay: i took A shoe off.
ray: why thats bold of you.
"i'm 19 years old. i think i know how to crap my pants."

Thoughts raced through my head in such indescribable clarity, as i began to see myself for waht i was ( i am much younger than the rest of the guys, and i was happy with the role i assumed) Throughout the night, we all ventured inside and out, all exploring our own paths as well as coming together and being together. THis night can only be called the perfect night, as it was perfect. I think i speak for all of us when i say i saw everything in such an acurate perspective. THis night ruled, maybe again if the air's just right, we can obtain perfection once more.

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