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cambodian shrooms in a jar

july weekend

  (Im paranoid about taking them(this would be my first time), theres a lotta people here i just met and i think itd be better if i took them at the beggining of the day, nights coming fast)

Im sitting on in a boat bout 9 o clock parked off of long island on fire island a good spot to go too to relax, go boating, hang at the beach even a few bars.  The boat is reasonably big the outside looking normal to anyone who doesnt know shit about boats the goin underside, youll find two bedrooms with a main room for eating and lounging and two bathrooms.   19th birthday weekend we can party & get shitty without having to be sneaky bout it.  I know P especially, E and J(a sweet sixteen and half a hour before a party), the other three, no idea, but i got their names down at least, r, er and  s.

this is the shit, i shoulda brought more weed!! no drug dealer is gonna swim out here, in the lobby part of the boat now sittin on a couch across from me a table couch to the right, a oven sink microwave fridge with ice and a good amount of beer

You takin those shrooms?

 dunno bro tommara sounds better

you should be around people you known for long and trust

 yea, well the party at gonzos is tommara and i dont want you trippin on the ferry back or his house

yea i dunno if you should take em either, arent you supposed to take them in open areas? this is a boat

"I dont wanna worry about people babysitting for me"

 we've all baby sitted before it no big deal

 If you take em tonight  i swear to hook you up with andys super hot girlfriends friend

(not concerned bout that now,but im not arguing with him)

everyone goes outside cept p and e

am i allergic? take a lick of the shroom, ten minutes if my tongue doesnt swell up then im good(i think?)

ight its 10:41pm only e and p are here, ive just finished rollin my L, dont want alotta people in the room when i eat, too much attention, start ripping them up(long blue stalks, only cause i bruised them just by touchin them the other day, with brownish caps), take i bite of a couple, shitty but not  bad,

"just swallow them whole, dont even chew,"

next bite shitty(tnx alot), by the next bite ive managed to make a potatoe chip shroom sandwhich, chewin the rest goes down in seconds, really didnt see why people say they taste bad i could eat them even with out the effects if they were veggies or somthin and i did eat a whole dry eigth.

did you eat them?

yea like a minute ago

light up my L, "cant be round that bro(law enforcement soon in a couple years)" go into other room

 im so happy you took them (as she lights a j)

burnin pretty well as im not the best at rollin and i allow shottis to be blown from my L

cell phone: yo bro i finnally took them the experiment is bout to start, "word, write everythin down and hit me up tommara", ight click

from here on out im not thinkin about time but this is in order and everyone is back

(i need a  pen and paper)

P:no sharp objects for you "yo i just wanna be wirtiin somethin the watch the words fly off the paper" yea not happening no ones gettin stabbed "yo i saw that in a movie but that was exaggerated" no you can actually hurt someone with a pen, stab people with them etc.. i remember a certain cut from it once but it  didnt bleed,  w/e.........

flame to  my eye from p, "dont do that" from e, whispers, but i hear "you'll make him think about hell" lol i didnt think about it til she said it, then i jus completly veered off to another conversation. P makes a scrunch up face, i see a triangle face. "holy shit bro you cant be doin that you dont kno what im seein rite now" "haha" " stop doin that!?" these faces go on for the next  hour but i read about it and recognized the part of my brain that deals with face recognitiion isnt working right now so i give up on makin sense of the morphin faces.

theyre playin kings a drinkin/card game and anytime someone picks up a four i reach to the floor instinctivly, i have to remind myself a couple times over after makin actions im not even playin the game or drinkin

my vision becomes more focused but what isnt in focus is a complete blur, the color white tho sticks out in my periphials, starts buggin me hard since im picturin some ghoulish things. "what are you doin?" "this color white is really buggin me out" now im runnin around the room finding anythin that is white, away from my view,cover it up. whoo much better now, sit next to everyone at the table

"you have samurai champloo on your ipod thats freakin awesome! try to imagine some cartoons and maybe everythin will get all anime like" im not tryin but rorouni kenshin is poppin up in my imagination "naah im thinkin more the simpsons too many ninjas and swords" rouroni leaves, now someone has put on mars volta, this sounds like a corny 80's movie "a horror eightys movie with guitars! (i imagine im playin giutar hero no hallucination but  a good idea in my head again)

just then i see somethin out of the corner of my eye, he's a dark maroon/ purlple shape but there are definantly horns, i look over really curiously, its jus er, with his long hair and a few random hairs standing up on his head,"bro your hair standing up lookied like horns!" "S:like the devil?!" "Yeeaaaa!!"

i look back torwards the table now and realize my periphials prolly arent even workin now, i think fuck it and leave the hallucinations to themselves i still dont care but now im giddy with the feeling of the swayin of the boat i say rock the boat and somehow it comes out to everybody like im singing it, im lookin at anythin now on the table, examining it and being really happy that its there, i keep forgettin about my body, so i manage to hit the table a few times with my legs while gettin up

looking back her face is glowing, i guess the morphing is gone, i see right through them, i play for a little, but im done talkin, im at zen.

(too hard to explain things like the color white, or horse glue or even tell a joke and make it funny because i lose myself and think im the person in the joke one sentence, then it goes back to third person the next, but however i still manage to make more sense then those trashed now from the drinkin games)

still tho i am glad i am with them as their conversations have been snapping me back in to reality all night, at some points i am forgettin im even on shrooms or even seein a difference between sobriety and this unless of course i do somehtin new to me while in this state

"s: yea its time for you to go to sleep " as him and his girl make the bed "i cant sleep rite now its not possible"  "p:yo stop"  "should i go somewhere else?" "P:bro your ruining the moment" "(shit  my bad) im goin up stairs to the deck to lie down" but not before tryin to hear a explanaion of how to turn a light off which is meaningless to me as hard as i listen and try, so i give up and S does it for me.

climbing up on deck a sound reminecent of the bowels of satan emerges and a question p from above deck if he heard, he tells me yes its the pump, and i tell him i love him now that i realize my mind isnt scaring the living shit out of me

1230 now im on the deck and some noises are comiin from below where the couples are that are makin me feel like a pervert so im glad that i have brought my ipod.  lying down, listenin to mars volta, lookin up at the sky is probably on of the coolest things ill ever do on shrooms.  Everystar is out as i sway gently on the boat, and as i focus on one star the others jus seem to fade away, jus thinkin how far away they are make my jaw drop and as a couple shooting stars rip throught out the sky, jus barely missing one making a blue streak, while lookin a star, near it another shooting star makes a red streak that i have never seen with such clarity before, as i see the entire streak from start to finish with out missing a step, all at the same time(fuggin awesome) i could stay out here all night but ill never fall asleep. 

Closing my eyes i enter a new world similar to G-force or one of those media player visualizaitons, but blowiing the socks off them.  Mars volta is throwin all these colors around in my head with only their sound and my earphones, guitar notes seem to leave multicolred streaks goin across my vision with the drums and the rest of the band brining them down to a jumblin pile of colors that no matter how hard i can try to follow the movements, they're always a step ahead of me with the song and the size and variety of colors is that of HD on crack.

its about 130 am now and i am asked by P if i wanna go for a walk, i get into the bathroom first tho to releive myself and as the boats rocks back in forth in this small white bathroom i tell e and p  i feel like im in a laundry dryer.  "are you pissing in the sink?!" i stop, check my sorruondings (word, a tiolet) and manage to start back up again by the time i can say "yea lol you hear that" , goin above deck i am told there never was gonna be a girl at the party tommara and we're prolly gonna stay another day at least.  give him a high five anyway

we go above deck, i realize my coordination is just as good if not better, and manage to have a real conversation, nothin out of the ordinary happenin by the time i climb into bed downstairs everyone is sleepin or in the process of sleepin so im jus lying down thinkin to myself, i manage to fall asleep after exhaustion...

the next day smokiin a L to myself above deck some neighbors are talkin about being cursed and i realize my mind is a gift and a curse everything seems clearer

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